Mindful Living: 5 Signs You’re Not Living Your Life on Purpose (And How to Change That)

Mindful Living: 5 Signs You're Not Living Your Life on Purpose (And How to Change That)

“There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honor your calling. It’s why you were born. And how you become most truly alive.” – Oprah Winfrey

One of the biggest challenges we encounter during our physical life experience is learning how to live an intentional life on purpose.

At one point or another, most of us wind up getting caught in the hustle and bustle of life. During this cycle, we chase incessantly with no real satisfaction. We hurry up and wait for the next day, thing, person, etc. and while we wait we miss out on truly experiencing our lives and living in alignment with our purpose.

This phase of life is dominated by unhappiness, dissatisfaction, confusion, overwhelm and fear. Some of us spend a lifetime here. For others, we figure out how to break the cycle and live life on purpose.

Which describes you?

If you feel stuck in your life, and like you’re living for everyone and everything but yourself, then this article is for you.

Here are 5 signs you’re not living your life on purpose, and what you can do to change that: 

Mindful Living: 5 Signs You're Not Living Your Life on Purpose (And How to Change That)

1.) You Dread Mondays

If you go to bed every Sunday dreading Monday because it means you’ll have to work at a job you don’t enjoy and spend another week wishing it was the weekend, then you aren’t living your life on purpose. Every second of every day is a blessing, and if this doesn’t ring true to you, something is misaligned in your life.

In order to combat the Monday blues, here are some things you can do: 

  • Practice daily gratitude
  • Take “Magical Mornings (free e-course designed to help you enjoy every day).
  • Wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual and do something for yourself
  • Meditate for 10 minutes
  • Resist the urge to check your phone when you wake up, and instead focus on being present in your morning

By implementing the suggestions above, you’ll become more present and appreciative of your life. You’ll also break free from the trap of Monday blues!

2.) You Constantly Yearn for More Stuff

No matter how much you amass, you always find yourself yearning for the “next thing” thinking it will bring you happiness and fulfillment, but it never does. You may even find yourself going broke as you spend money you don’t have, or feeling lost as you engage in activities and behaviors that are toxic and self-destructive.

And it’s not your fault you want material things. Society teaches us from a young age that our success is contingent on power, money, titles, and material wealth. So each time you get “more” your brain releases dopamine which makes you temporarily feel good. And in order to keep that good feeling, you have to keep getting more.

But the reality is “stuff” won’t bring you happiness, and it certainly won’t lead you to your purpose. You weren’t put here simply to acquire things and then leave, you were put here to create a life you enjoy living.

To break the addictive cycle of “more”, here are some things you can do: 

  • Donate clothes, shoes, and items you no longer use
  • Make a commitment only to use credit cards for emergencies
  • Only buy what you need
  • Focus on harnessing your talents and doing things that make you happy rather than acquiring things
  • Use meditation to be present in your life

These suggestions will help you declutter your life, save money and focus on the important things in life – like figuring out what you want to do and spending your time and money doing things that make you happy.

3.) You Live in the Past or Future

If you find yourself obsessing over the past, and living in a state of constant regret wishing you could go back and change certain things in your life, then you’re living in the past.

If you find yourself obsessing over the future, and always waiting for the next day, year, vacation, etc. then you’re living in the future.

Both of these places are great to visit once in a while – especially when you want to learn a lesson from your previous life experiences (hello past) or visualize what you want your life to look like in a future setting. But when you find yourself getting suck in either reality, rather than living in the present, then you aren’t living your life on purpose.

Here are some ways you can live in presently so you aren’t missing out on your life: 

  • Forgive everyone and everything that has caused you hurt or anger so you can move forward with your life
  • Accept that the past cannot be changed, but take solace in knowing the present moment and future can be
  • Keep a goal journal, and fill it out daily to ensure you’re staying on track with your life
  • Practice gratitude every morning when you wake up, and every evening before bed
  • Dream about the future, but live for today

All of your power to change your life exists right here, right now. Seize it and start living a more purposeful, present life today!

4.) You Try to Control Everything

If you like to plan everything down to the minute details and have a difficult time letting go and letting life be, then you’re trapped in the cycle of needing to control life. This cycle often creates unnecessary stress, anxiety, fear, worry and more. The bottom line is needing to control everything is unproductive and unhealthy.

To live your life on purpose, and fully experience life the way it was meant to be experienced, you need to release the need to control everything and learn to embrace uncertainty.

Here are some things you can do to let go of the need to control:

  • Start small, and release control over one thing at a time
  • Ask yourself, “What am I afraid to lose from letting go?” This will help you identify the root cause of why you want to control everything.
  • Set REALISTIC expectations for events, people, life, etc. and know that things will never be “perfect”
  • Embrace uncertainty (read this article to learn how)

When you finally loosen your grip on life, you’ll find yourself enjoying everything more and experiencing true freedom!

5.) You Live Out of Alignment with Yourself

Are you living your life for yourself, and harnessing your talents and interests or are you living your life to conform and please others?

If you aren’t living your life for YOU then you’re living out of alignment with yourself and your true purpose.

In order to realign with yourself and your purpose, here are some things you can do: 

  • Spend time honing your talents and interests every day
  • Do the thing that scares you the most
  • Step outside of your comfort zone regularly
  • Stand up for what you believe in
  • Live life doing what brings you happiness and fulfillment
  • Don’t live to please others

This is YOUR life, and it’s the only one you’ve got. Don’t waste it trying to do what everyone else wants you to do. Spend your time wisely, and honor your purpose and calling by living in alignment with yourself!

Today YOU are being called to break the cycle. Today you have a choice to make: Continue living your life without purpose, or start living your life with intention and purpose right now. What will you choose?



About Antasha Durbin: Antasha is a spiritual writer, life-long student of the universe, and psychic tarot card reader. Her website, cajspirituality.com, is dedicated to casualizing the spiritual experience and making it attainable for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Follow her for free, easy-to-digest and highly actionable advice on spirituality, mindfulness and empowered living.

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5 thoughts on “Mindful Living: 5 Signs You’re Not Living Your Life on Purpose (And How to Change That)

  1. 5 is I think my biggest thing… the others are a but meh – whatever interestingly. It’s funny I never used to like Mondays but they’re not so bad now and I never used to think I was controlling but looking back I was more than I thought.

    Funny how we change.

  2. I would absolutely agree. I used to fit into your article, but not now. I’ve made many, many changes so that I am living my life in a way that supports my purpose. I certainly had to let go of my desire to control (out of fear).

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