5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Take More Time for Self-Care

5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Take More Time for Self-Care

“Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you.” – Katie Reed

Recently, I’ve been saying yes more than I’ve been saying no. I’ve been putting WAY.TOO.MUCH on my plate during a time in my life when I need to focus on myself and my needs.

And you know what happened? I worked myself into extreme exhaustion mentally and physically and became really sick. For three days I was bedridden, battling a flu-like illness and barely able to get out of bed to get a glass of water.

I was trying to “do it all” to make everyone around me happy. And in the process, I stressed myself and my body out. And I’m not surprised I got sick – my body was mirroring my internal state of chaos, and could no longer physically keep going. If I wasn’t going to allow it to rest willingly, it was going to find a way on its own – and it did!

Through this experience, I realized I need to start saying no more than I say yes. And I don’t always need to be “on” trying to get things accomplished. Instead, what I need to do is LISTEN to my body and prioritize my self-care!

And I know I’m not alone in my experience. We live in a go-go-go world where we’re rewarded for being “busy” and “productive” so we feel guilty when we take time to calm down, tune out and turn off. But you know what? If we want to be healthy inside and out, then we have to take time for self-care otherwise we end up sick, stressed out, and not truly living life to the fullest.

Here are 5 tell-tale signs you need to take more time for self-care (and some self-care suggestions!):

1.) You’re Always Exhausted

5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Take More Time for Self-Care

We all have days when we feel exhausted and “over it”. But, if exhaustion is your regular state of being, and you’d like nothing more than to crawl into bed and sleep, then it’s TIME to give yourself a break!

Remember, you’re an energetic being and everything you do uses YOUR energy! When you don’t give yourself a chance to recharge your energetic battery you’ll be less efficient, happy, and present in life.

Take time every single day to rest up and recharge by meditating, sitting in silence or doing something else you find deeply relaxing.

2.) You Frequently Feel Overwhelmed

5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Take More Time for Self-Care

Many of us take on too much at once and then continue to load an already full plate. When we do this, we end up feeling overwhelmed and buried beneath the demands of our lives.

Being busy all of the time, and trying to please everyone around us by always saying yes to them doesn’t do you any favors. Instead, it’ll leave you feeling constantly overwhelmed, and like your to-do list is never-ending.

When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, this is a tell-tale sign you need to take time for self-care ASAP. Make yourself and your needs a priority in your life so you don’t wind up feeling like you’re doing too much.

Turn your phone off, silence your social media notifications and slip into your own world so you can give yourself a mental, physical and spiritual break!

3.) Your Energy is Fractured 

5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Take More Time for Self-Care

Focus goes where energy flows. When we fully focus on something, our ability to accomplish it is unquestionable. But, when we try to multi-task and focus on MANY things, our energy becomes fractured, and we often end up starting one thing without finishing what we were already working on.

The longer we live in a state of fractured energy, the more chaotic and disorganized our lives feel. Each unfinished task and project compounds, making us feel overwhelmed, exhausted and like we’ll never be able to accomplish our goals.

If this describes you, then it’s time to step away from the chaos and focus on self-care. Pick one thing that makes you feel relaxed and calm (such as reading or journaling), and work it into your routine every day so you always have a chance to unwind and refocus each day.

4.) You Give to Everyone But Yourself

5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Take More Time for Self-Care

Giving to others is a wonderful and important service that truly benefits the world. But, if you live your life constantly offering all of your time, resources and energy to others and don’t also serve yourself, you’re eventually going to burn out.

You can’t pour from an empty cup. Make sure you keep yours full by giving yourself TLC every day so you have an abundance to offer others as well! This means say no when you need to say no, and don’t overextend your time, resources or energy so you’re never running on empty!

5.) You Don’t Make Time For Your Health and Wellness

5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Take More Time for Self-Care

If your health and wellness have taken a backburner to your busy schedule, and you frequently find yourself making choices that compromise your overall wellbeing (such as eating foods that don’t nourish your body, not getting enough sleep, living in a state of constant stress, etc.), then this is another sign you need to take time for self-care.

Remember, your body is your physical vessel through this life experience. When it’s compromised due to neglectful treatment, your entire life experience will be negatively impacted. Nourish your health and wellness so you’re always able to live your life to the fullest!

Prioritize your health and wellness by getting enough sleep every night, doing something physically active every day (such as taking a walk outside) and eating foods that give you energy and make you feel good!

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    1. Then it’s definitely time for some TLC in your life! What self-care routine are you going to put into practice?


      1. I’m not even sure. I think some things I’m struggling with are finding ways to be more healthy. And to find a way to have some pampering…ya know?

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