Spirituality Made Simple

The kingdom of God is within you.” – Jesus Christ

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(šŸ“·: Roger Helgeson)

Which of the following scenarios do you think best exemplifies spirituality and why?

  • Meditating at the top of a mountainĀ 
  • Kneeling in prayer before bed and/or early in the morning
  • Crying hysterically after experiencing an emotional trauma and asking for guidance
  • Saying “I love you” to someone and truly meaning it

The reality is…there is no “best” when it comes to spirituality because spirituality is anything meaningful YOU experience that brings YOU closer to YOUR true self and the universe.Ā 

That’s spirituality. It’s that simple.Ā 

Ready to dive in?

Start by asking yourself this question: “What’s meaningful to me and how can I bring more of that into my life?”

Your answer to this question will lead you toward your rightful spiritual path, so explore it!

And as a disclaimer, it’s important to understand you can ABSOLUTELY be spiritual without being part of a religious community. You also don’t have to partake in any specific traditions or masses to celebrate your spirituality! All of us are infinite beings who originated from the same all-loving Source, and as such we are all equal children of God!

Oh and another thing ā€” all of us have bad days when we feel disconnected and anything BUT spiritual, and that’s okay!Ā You’re not going to be stripped of your spirituality just because you’re going through a tough time and not feeling upbeat and aligned. Your spirituality is always available to you, and you can connect with it anywhere, anyhow, anytime!Ā 

Big love, Xx,



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