Gratitude List: 101 Things to Be Grateful For

Gratitude List: 101 Things to Be Grateful For

“If you only say one prayer a day, make it Thank You.” 

One of the easiest ways to change your life for the better is to practice daily gratitude. Not only is giving thanks free (so no excuses!), it also makes you feel better immediately and raises your vibration.

Here’s why: You’re made up of energy, and so is everything around you. Like energy attracts like energy. So when you say thank you for what you already have in your life, you’ll attract MORE to be thankful for.

However, the vast majority of us live in an unconscious state of attraction (meaning we aren’t aware of our power and so we unknowingly invite certain people, circumstances, and events into our lives based on the thoughts we think repetitively and feelings we feel).

In order to regain control of our lives, and create the life experience we want, we have to first align with gratitude.

If you don’t know where to start, here’s a gratitude list of 101 things to be grateful for. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to CAJ to access your free 7-day mindset journal which includes daily gratitude!

Gratitude list: 101 Things to be Grateful For

Gratitude List: 101 Things to Be Grateful For

1.) Family
2.) Good Health
3.) Possibilities
4.) Nature
5.) Freedom
6.) Purpose
7.) Opportunity
8.) Sunshine
9.) Love
10.) Life
11.) New Experiences
12.) Smiles
13.) Laughter
14.) Connection
15.) Joy
16.) Food
17.) Happiness
18.) Partnership
19.) Lessons Learned
20.) Friendship
21.) Progress
22.) Knowledge
23.) Books
24.) Art
25.) Animals
26.) The Ocean
27.) Mountains
28.) Water
29.) Adventure
30.) Transportation
31.) Creation
32.) Our Senses
33.) Spirit Guides
34.) Source energy
35.) Spirituality
36.) Meditation
37.) Yoga
38.) Music
39.) Emotions
40.) Second Chances
41.) The Present Moment
42.) New Seasons
43.) Flowers Blooming
44.) Buzzing Bees
45.) The Sound of Waves
46.) Thunderstorms
47.) Birthdays
48.) Babies
49.) Personal Power
50.) Change
51.) Body Parts
52.) Waterfalls
53.) Chipping Birds
54.) Sunset
55.) Sunrise
56.) Light
57.) Rainbows
58.) Stars
59.) Contrast
60.) Colors
61.) Acts of Kindness
62.) Abundance
63.) Each Other
64.) Forgiveness
65.) Community
66.) The Universe
67.) Energy
68.) Growth
69.) Wisdom
70.) Teachers
71.) Healing
72.) Parents
73.) Children
74.) Shelter
75.) Warmth
76.) Choices
77.) Inspiration
78.) Motivation
79.) Transformation
80.) Synchronicity
81.) Dancing
82.) Singing
83.) Sleep
84.) Clothes
85.) Snuggles
86.) Wind
87.) Rain
88.) Earth
89.) Dreams
90.) Imagination
91.) Compassion
92.) Curiosity
93.) Gratitude
94.) Strength
95.) Perseverance
96.) Receiving Income
97.) Awareness
98.) Detachment
99.) Intuition
100.) Sight
101.) Today

Gratitude List: 101 Things to Be Grateful For

When it comes to gratitude in your life, start small! Choose 3 to 5 things to say thank you for every day. There’s no right or wrong format – your gratitude list could be broad or very specific. You can write, sing, shout, say, or silently recite your list. The most important aspects of gratitude are to be sincere about what you’re giving thanks for, and to practice gratitude consistently.

What are you grateful for? Leave your answer in the comments down below!



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    1. And that’s a wonderful thing to be grateful for! 🙂

      Big love to you! Xx,

  1. I am grateful that I have a place to live…that I get to get up each day and be productive. The universe is a beautiful place to be! 🤗


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