5 Spiritual Blocks Holding You Back from Manifesting Your Goals

5 Spiritual Blocks Holding You Back from Manifesting Your Goals
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Does manifesting your goals seem impossible?

Do you watch other people bring their dreams to fruition and wonder, “what do they have that I don’t?”.

Do you feel stuck and like your life isn’t moving fast enough?

If you’re nodding your head in agreement, don’t worry – you’re not alone!

I used to struggle with manifesting my goals. It seemed like no matter how many vision boards I made, goal journals I filled out or intentions I set I could never reach the goals I set.

And if you can relate, then continue reading my friend because this article on spiritual blocks (and how to release yours) is going to be a game-changer for you!

Now, before we dive in, let’s start by defining what a spiritual block is. Simply put, a spiritual block is an issue, emotion, or situation that keeps you from achieving your full potential.

Ready to uncover your blocks and overcome them? Let’s do this!

Here are the 5 spiritual blocks holding you back from manifesting your goals (and how to overcome them):

1.) You’re Afraid of Becoming “Too Materialistic”

When you think about manifesting your goals, especially as related to money and material, you feel afraid. After all, you’re a spiritual being having a human experience, so should you set “money” and “material” related goals? Right?


The fear that materialism will take over will keep you stuck in a wheel of desiring, but never fully manifesting your dreams.

In order to overcome this spiritual block you need to recognize:

  1. Money is a neutral energy. It can be used for both good and bad purposes, but it is neither good nor bad.
  2. Having a comfortable life is a blessing. Not having to worry about how you’ll pay bills, feed your family, etc., means you can spend your time doing other things — like pursuing your purpose and bringing your dreams to life.
  3. You will be able to help others. When you have abundance, you can give in abundance. Attaining your material desires means you can help those around you.

While it’s important to recognize the truth of who and what you are, it’s also equally important to create a life you will love. Use the tips above to unblock yourself!

2.) You Think You Shouldn’t Want What You Want

Perhaps you desire to live in a mansion on the beach, travel the world whenever you want, gain fame in your chosen field, and so forth. But, when you think about manifesting your goals, you feel like you shouldn’t want those things because they aren’t “spiritual”.

You wonder, “Is this really ME who wants these things, or it it my ego self?”

Ask yourself the following questions to determine that answer:

  • Do I want these things because I think they will impress other people?
  • Do I want these things because someone told me I should want them (i.e parents, friends, society)
  • Do I want these things because I think I’m supposed to have them?

If you answered YES to the above questions, then that means you’re currently doing things to appease or earn the approval of others. Meaning it’s best that you DON’T go after your goals (because they’re not really YOUR goals…if that’s the case read this article on how to find your purpose. It will help you find clarity.) Instead, take some time to find personal clarity and figure out what you actually want for YOU.

If you answered NO to the above questions, congratulations, you are not coming from a place of ego — you really do want the things you want!

In order to overcome this spiritual block you have to:

  1. Acknowledge you were given these desires for a reason. You have a unique purpose, and each step you take to reach your desired goals is a step closer to your purpose. The Universe doesn’t work by accident. Remember that.
  2. Stop using the word shouldn’t. I shouldn’t want these things. I shouldn’t try to achieve these goals. I shouldn’t be so (insert word). The word “shouldn’t” adds nothing of value to your life. Instead, it makes you feel bad and disempowered. Stop using it immediately.
  3. Release guilt. Guilt is one heck of an emotion. It has the ability to completely stop you in your tracks, and keep you stuck. And if you’re feeling guilty about the goals you desire, then it’s time to let that go. Remember, as long as your goals won’t negatively impact anyone else’s life, then there’s nothing wrong with going after them!

Embrace your goals guilt-free, and go for them! They were given to YOU for a reason!

3.) Deep Down, You Don’t Believe You’re Worthy

5 Spiritual Blocks Holding You Back from Manifesting Your Goals

You’re the kind of person who always sees the potential in other people and not yourself. Whenever someone you know talks about or achieves a certain goal, you feel happy for them. But, when you think of doing something similar, you’re immediately filled with doubt.

Your internal critic is always hard at work whenever you think about your goal saying things like:

  • “Who do you think you are? You can’t achieve this!”
  • “You aren’t worthy of (having/being/doing insert).”
  • “Stop while you’re ahead. You’re just going to end up disappointed.”

Rather than seeing what’s possible for YOU, you see what’s impossible. Your feelings of unworthiness keep you stuck and unable to take the steps necessary to bring your goals to fruition.

Here’s how to overcome this spiritual block:

  1. Survey your past. Can you find specific instances in your past where a situation or a person made you feel unworthy? Write down every scenario you can think of.
  2. Work to release your past. Now that you’ve identified the people and situations that lead to you feeling unworthy, it’s time to take your power back. Release the past and all of the feelings you hold regarding those situations. Acknowledge that you have concluded you’re somehow lacking because of how other people treated or reacted toward you.
  3. Establish empowering beliefs. Make a list of empowering beliefs you want to live by. For example, “I am powerful. I am capable. I can do this.” Then each time a self-critical thought pops into your head (like those listed above), say your new, empowering beliefs out loud three times. Continue this process daily until your new beliefs takeover.

By redefining your worth, and taking your power back, you will change the entire trajectory of your life. Not only does this mean you will be able to manifest your goals, but it also means you will live a life full of personal belief, joy, and excitement.

4.) You Don’t Listen to Your Intuition

"Intuition is the whisper of the soul." Click To Tweet

You’re familiar with the power of intuition, and even tell others to “follow their intuition“.

But, you don’t follow this same practice. Instead, each time you receive an intuitive thought or feeling about a person, place, activity, or idea, you let your logical mind take over. Rather than seeing where those intuitive thoughts and feelings might lead, you end up analyzing the situation in detail and overthinking every possible outcome.

As a result, you never end up pursuing any of your brilliant thoughts or ideas, because your logical mind tells you they aren’t safe or possible.

Sound familiar? Yeah, we’ve all been there!

But…spoiler alert: You can’t manifest your dreams if you don’t allow yourself to take chances, try new ideas and make mistakes. This is part of the process. And if you always listen to your logical mind, you’ll never do much of anything.

Here’s how to overcome this spiritual block and manifest your goal:

  1. Tune into your feelings. When a new idea or intuitive thought/feeling pops into your head, tune into your feelings. Does this new thought make you feel excited? Happy? Possible? Does it lead you into a wonderful daydream? If the answer is YES then trust it! Your feelings are here to guide you, and when you feel good and inspired, there’s a reason.
  2. Separate real from imagined fears. Real fear is necessary. It’s an instinctual reaction we have when we feel unsafe about a certain situation, person, or event. For example, if we’re walking in the woods and we see a giant bear nearby, we’d feel fear and act out of instinct. In contrast, imagined fear is an irrational fear based on overthinking about everything that can go wrong. For example, let’s say you see an opening for your dream job. You really want to apply, but then irrational fears take over and you think, “I’ll never get this job! They’re going to hate me. I’m not qualified. I shouldn’t even both submitting a resume.” And before you even give yourself a chance, you talk yourself out of pursuing it.
  3. Record your insights. Intuition typically presents itself as small “aha” moments. Each time you receive a “flash of information” or knowing, write it down in the notes section of your phone or in a notebook. This will help you understand where your intuition is leading you.

5.) You Aren’t Clear About What You Want (And Why You Want it)

When it comes to manifesting goals, clarity is KEY. You need to be crystal clear about:

  • What you want
  • Why you want it
  • When you want it

Without this clarity, you’ll end up confused and misguided at every step. This is especially important because sometimes we *think* we want something, only to later discover that desire was rooted in what someone or something outside of us wanted for us.

Your life is a gift that was given to you. It’s your job to honor it. You do that by living in alignment with your purpose, not someone else’s.

Your life is a gift that was given to you. It's your job to honor it. You do that by living in alignment with your purpose, not someone else's. Click To Tweet

To overcome this spiritual block:

  • Get clear on what you want. Write out, in detail, exactly what you want and why you want it. If you find your reason is rooted in something outside of yourself, then this is your opportunity to shift your goal.
  • Be flexible with the “how”. When it comes to manifesting your goals, you don’t control how your goals will be brought to fruition. That’s the domain of the Universe. As such, you have to release control and be flexible with how your goal will come to fruition. If you try to control the outcome, you’ll end up missing out on all of the ways life is guiding and teaching you.
  • Have faith. Sometimes, your goals might feel too big, or impossible to accomplish. Have faith in your goals. Remember, these ideas were given to YOU for a reason. If you can think of them, you can achieve them.

Be patient with yourself as you work through these spiritual blocks. It won’t be an overnight process, but doing so will bring you one step closer to the manifestation of your goals.

Which spiritual block is keeping you stuck? Let me know in the comments below!



5 Spiritual Blocks Keeping You Stuck from Manifesting Your Goals
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    1. Simon, I know what you mean…life is definitely always happening, and many things will distract us as we work toward our goals and dreams. What do you think is the biggest obstacle you face when trying to work toward attainment?

      1. My biggest obstacle is those around me that should be helping me out at least giving me space just suffocating me.

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