How to Find Your Purpose: A Step-By-Step Guide

How to Find Your Purpose: A Step-By-Step Guide

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” – Pablo Picasso 

When I was a little girl, I remember obsessively asking myself, “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?

I would always end up feeling both frustrated and afraid at my inability to answer these seemingly straightforward questions. How could I not have these answers? Why were they so hard to figure out?

The uncertainty terrified me and left me questioning the entire world and my place in it.

It wasn’t until I grew older that I realized I wasn’t alone in my seeking. Instead, all of us are on a personal voyage of discovery to figure out who we are, why we’re here, and what we’re meant to do with our lives.

This process can be frightening and overwhelming. Especially if we feel misguided, or like we don’t have a purpose.

The purpose of this guide is to show you how to find your purpose if you feel lost or directionless in life. Using the step-by-step strategies, you can begin the process of discovering who you are, and why you’re here.

Ready to begin? Let’s do this!

Step 1: Bring Forth What Brings You to Life


What causes you to lose track of time, and fully immerse yourself into the present moment?

Write down your answer because whatever that thing is, know that it’s part of your purpose and there’s a way for you to weave it into your daily life.

By figuring out the things you truly enjoy doing, you’ll have a lot more clarity when it comes to what you want to spend your time doing/experiencing/creating.

Step 2: Take Money Out of The Equation 

How to Find Your Purpose: A Step-By-Step Guide

One of the BIGGEST barriers people face when it comes to finding their purpose is focusing too much on material gain (i.e. money) rather than what makes them feel happy and alive.

Don’t be one of those people. Take money out of the equation because whatever your purpose is, you CAN make money doing it – I promise you. 

To take money out of the equation ask yourself this question:

If I won the lottery today, and never had to work another day in my life, what would I spend my time doing?

Your answer will be an indicator as to what you’re truly passionate about, and where your heart wants to be.

Step 3: Face Your Biggest Fear

How to Find Your Purpose: A Step-By-Step Guide

Deep down, all of us have an inkling about who we are, and what we want to bring forth in this life. But, we’re often held back by fear and doubt.

We think we aren’t good enough, or capable. We’re afraid to fail. And the unknown outcome prevents us from taking action.

But, if you want to find your purpose and live your life to the fullest then you need to face your biggest fear(s) head on. To do this, ask yourself:

What fear is keeping me stuck, and what can I do to face it?”

Write down your answers, and then take action TODAY — no matter how small — to begin facing your fears so they can be released.

Step 4: Push Back Against Your Excuses


“I’m too tired.” 

“I’ll get to it later.”

“I don’t feel like doing it right now.” 

Similar to fears, your excuses keep you stuck in a place of inaction. To find your purpose, and bring it to fruition, you need to be able to push back against your resistance and take consistent action. It’s through this process of trial and discovery that you’ll build momentum and create a pathway to your purpose.

The minute you find yourself making an excuse, that’s your sign that it’s time to take immediate action.

Step 5: Nurture Your Natural Talents

francesco-gallarotti-72602-unsplash (2)

All of us are born with natural talents. Sometimes those talents are obvious like being a gifted singer, or an artist. And other times those talents are less obvious and take time to harness and bring into fruition.

Whatever the case may be for you, know that your natural talents are directly tied into your life’s purpose.

If you’re struggling to figure out what your natural talents are, make a list of 3 to 5 things you enjoy doing and would like to improve.

For example: 

  1. Public speaking
  2. Writing
  3. Communicating
  4. Working with people
  5. Blogging

Use your list and/or known natural talents as a guide, and set aside time to nurture those parts of yourself every single day.

And remember…the more time you dedicate to harnessing your natural talents, and the more consistent you are in this practice, the faster you’ll master them and live in alignment with your life’s purpose.

Step 6: Awaken the Ghosts of Your Deathbed

Copy of inspired (2)

The final step (pun intended) in finding your purpose is not nearly as morbid as it might sound. Instead, it’s designed to get you to focus on those last moments of your life, and all of the infinite possibilities that could have been so you can discover the ghosts waiting to be brought into fruition.

Close your eyes and imagine you’re on your deathbed. The life you’ve lived is coming to a close, and you’re reflecting on all of your life experiences. As you lay there, what regrets do you have? What chances didn’t you take? What fears held you back? What would you change if you still had time?

Your answers are the ghosts of your deathbed, and today is the day you are being asked to awaken them. In life, there are no guarantees, but you’re still here, and you still have right now.

Take chances. Make mistakes. Learn. Grow. Master yourself and your talents. Don’t delay. And live a purpose-filled life.



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How to Find Your Purpose: A Step-By-Step Guide

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