Spirit Guides: Why Communicating with Your Spirit Guides Doesn’t Solve All Your Problems

Why Communicating with Your Spirit Guides Doesn’t Solve All Your Problems

Communicating with your spirit guides is seen as a high bar of achievement for some people. It means you’ve arrived. You’re finally connected to a divine source of inspiration you can tap for knowledge – except it doesn’t play out like that…

I was guilty of that thinking during the formative years of my spiritual journey.

It was a tantalizing prospect looking from the outside in. I used to read all about these incredible psychics in regular contact with spirit guides who appeared to live such fascinating lives.

I used to ponder, “What would it be like to have those experiences myself?

For years it was a burning desire, as I turned my hand – and my intuition – to all the exercises and techniques I could get my hands on. This was back in the pre-YouTube and blog days when that sort of information was still confined mostly to books. And even then, it was hit and miss.

I couldn’t help but feel that it was something I wasn’t meant to experience. It made me think you had to be a born psychic to communicate with spirit guides. I couldn’t find any precedent for people actually learning these skills. It felt as though they were only gifted to a select few.

This was compounded even further when I began experimenting with astral projection techniques. I’ll always remember one evening in particular. I was close to shifting from my body while in the hypnogogic state, when I felt the presence of four beings across my room.

I’ll never forget what I heard them say…

“No, he’s not ready…”

That was it. Nothing more.

It was like a dagger to my heart. Not ready? Not ready, how? Why?

I was in touch for the briefest of moments – and then it was over…

It felt as though I was destined to walk my path alone.

I would never be a part of the ‘in-club.’

Making First Contact…

Fast forward ten years to the beginning of 2017, and I was then traveling around Thailand. In February of that year, I found myself on the island of Koh Pha Ngan, which marked a time of incredible synchronicities firing off in my life.

Not long after arriving, I’d signed up for a six-day retreat to learn a variation of Quantum Healing Hypnosis called Soul Line Therapy.

That period really is a story all of its own. But it was the second day that created the largest impression on me. While I was receiving a session from my partner for the day, my spirit guide confirmed their presence! It was a paradigm-shifting moment.

I finished the retreat and cleared a lot of dense emotional traumas from past lives. But despite that, something much more powerful happened. I was now fully connected with what would be the first of several spirit guides.

After all these years of searching, here it was – I was connected.

But was I ready?

The Reality of Communication with Spirit Guides

Why Communicating With Spirit Guides Won't Solve All Your Problems

After that initial experience, something changed within me.

Before, I made ‘first contact,’ I had absolute confidence in my ability to discern and make my own decisions. Now, I had access to a question and answer service direct from spirit; I became doubtful. I started second-guessing things I would normally have done intuitively.

I ran everything past this newly acquired “truth filter.”

That is not the relationship you’re meant to have with your guides.

Now, I could see why ten years earlier, I’d received the indication that “I wasn’t ready.”

I wasn’t mature enough to handle the dynamic between myself and spirit. And in some ways, I still wasn’t even by that point. I’d entered into something resembling a co-dependent relationship with my guide.

I believed that having broken through the barrier, here was the answer to all my problems. Except it was wasn’t. Nothing could be further from the truth. Fortunately, I was able to identify what I was doing fairly early and adjusted my attitude.

But in those initial months, it was a novelty. I used to connect every day to exercise my ‘psychic muscles.’ Now I knew that communicating with your guides wasn’t a rare talent. It was a skill that can be developed through time and effort.

And so, I practiced – as much as I possibly could.

But many of these communications were largely uninspiring. I asked questions, but they were always ego-centric, such as, ‘Am I on the right track?’ And, ‘Should I do [insert activity?]’ Unsurprisingly, the answers that came back were always non-committal.

“You’re doing well.”

“It might…”

If all I was seeking was confirmation and affirmation for decisions I should be making myself, the answers weren’t going to be as forthcoming as I expected. Your guides will never step on your journey by compromising your free-will.

What’s more, I also later discovered when I left more time in between contact – weeks instead of days – my communications were much more strongly felt and rewarding experiences. They were an equal exchange of ideas – a co-creative process – instead of a veiled request for validation.

When I took this approach, everything changed. I regained a part of myself and recognized we need those boundaries between ourselves and spirit. Maybe even more so than we do with our peer groups in the physical world.

We’re here to create our own learning experiences. It’s what we signed up for by incarnating on this planet. If we’re constantly being handed the solutions to all our challenges, what’s the point? It sucks all the adventure out of being on a spiritual journey.

You can’t out-source all of your decisions to your spirit guides.

You were born into this life to make free-will choices – both good and bad.

You can't out-source all of your decisions to your spirit guides. You were born into this life to make free-will choices — both good and bad. Click To Tweet

That’s the beauty of being alive.

That’s the game of life.

About the Author: Sam Boomer is a Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner. He creates profound transformations in those he works with, helping them resolve emotional traumas, chronic health issues, and discover their true purpose in life.

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