Spiritual Healing Guide: 5 Ways to Transform Your Pain into Purpose

All of us experience pain in our lives, and that pain either immobilizes us or propels us forward. Which is true for you? If you feel trapped by your pain and stuck in a negative emotional state, then this is your body telling you it’s ready for spiritual healing.

In this spiritual healing guide, we’re going to delve into what pain is, how it impacts your life, and how you can transform your pain into purpose.

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What is Pain?

The dictionary definition of (mental) pain is, “mental or emotional distress or suffering.”

This emotional distress or suffering we experience is caused by the emotional response we have due to something that has happened to us. These events that have transpired are typically past-rooted, and it’s our direct interpretation of these events that causes us pain. When we perceive life as being unfair or that something shouldn’t have happened to us, we may feel angry, resentful, frustrated, slighted by life and so forth.

That’s why knowing how to confront your pain is crucial to your overall health and wellness because in the absence of awareness you won’t be able to move forward.

Where Does Pain Come From?

The biology of pain is never really straightforward, even when it appears to be. – Lorimer Moseley Click To Tweet

Pain is derived from events that have happened to us that we consider to be traumatic and painful. These events can be mental, physical and emotional in nature, and often result in us reliving the past again and again.

For example, let’s say you were abused by your parents as a child. The pain of that abuse might carry through your life, and still be with you well into adulthood. You might find yourself reliving the abuse, and wondering why your parents treated you so poorly, and what you did to deserve such treatment.

We carry pain with us and oftentimes bring it into the present moment and allow it to affect our emotional state of being because we don’t know how to release it.

Why is Confronting Pain Key to Spiritual Healing?

Whatever you don’t face in your life will haunt you. That’s why confronting your pain is key to spiritual healing. When confront your pain, you aren’t denying it and disempowering yourself. Instead, you’re facing your issues head-on so you can work through them, and heal yourself.

What Happens When Pain Is Ignored?

When you ignore your pain or pretend it never happened, you end up letting it build up inside of you. Eventually the buildup will explode, and you’ll experience various emotional outbursts. In other words, pain you don’t confront will control your emotional state of being.

As a result, you’ll lose control over your wellbeing and purpose for being here.

Fortunately, there are actionable steps you can take to confront your pain and heal your life (which we’ll be covering in the next section!).

5 Steps to Spiritual Healing

Before we dive into the 5 steps you can take to confront your pain and initiate healing, make sure you have a pen and journal handy so you can take notes. There are several questions you’ll need to ask yourself and answer that will help you heal.

1.) Confront your pain

When you’re feeling pain, that’s your internal being telling you something is misaligned. It’s a red light. Stop and allow yourself time to explore the source of your pain.

Is your pain a result of:

  • Something someone has said or done to you?
  • Something you have said or done to someone else?
  • Something you’ve said or done to yourself?

Ask yourself these questions, and allow the answers to come to you unfiltered (meaning you don’t try to control or censor them). The source of your pain may be obvious, or it may be something you’ve been denying or hiding for yourself. Now is the time to get to the root of it so you can move forward.

2.) Give Yourself Empathy

Now isn’t the time to be hard on yourself, nor it is the time to be judgemental. Everyone makes mistakes, and has things that have happened to them they wish they could change.

Use this time to be loving an empathetic towards yourself. Imagine yourself as a 3-year-old child. How would you treat the little you?

Be gentle and kind with yourself as you work through this process. It’s not easy, and it takes a lot of strength and courage to face your pain directly, and heal it.

3.) Forgive Yourself and Others

The past is the past, and it can’t be changed. The only way to truly release it and move forward is through forgiveness.

By forgiving others for the hurt they’ve caused you, you release toxic emotions you’d otherwise keep inside of yourself. What’s more — by regularly practicing forgiveness you’ll be able to move through life without negative attachments.

Stop waiting for an apology that may never come or an explanation. Love yourself enough to forgive without expectation so you can live freely.

4.) Release Blame

Your life experiences shape you, and you either take responsibility for your life or blame your circumstances on some outside event or person.

But, when you blame someone or something outside of yourself for the quality of your life, then you disempower yourself. After all, how can you repair something you have no control over?

Releasing blame is crucial when it comes to healing your pain and transforming it into purpose because it puts you in the drivers seat of your life. By releasing blame you’ll cultivate self-awareness and responsibility, and feel empowered to make positive changes. You have to cultivate self-responsibility if you want to live a purposeful life.

5.) Find Meaning

You can find a lesson or a blessing in every experience. And when you teach yourself to do this when dealing with pain, trauma and hurt, then you empower yourself to turn that pain into purpose.

As you work through your pain, what lessons can you extract? What hidden blessings can be found?

Make note of your findings. Become aware of the meaning in every experience. When you take the time to discover the lessons and blessings behind everything you experience, nothing will seem futile. Instead, you’ll realize life is a journey of self-discovery, and everything that happens comes bearing a lesson.

Use these 5 steps to confront your pain, transform it into purpose, and release the negative thoughts and emotions that have held you back. Doing this will allow you to begin healing so your soul can continue to grow during this life experience.



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