Mindful Living: 5 Signs From The Universe You’re On The Right Track

Mindful Living: 5 Signs From The Universe You're On The Right Track

“The Universe is always talking to you and guiding you. If you want to understand what it’s saying start paying attention.” – CAJ Spirituality

Am I on the right path? 

Should I be doing (insert thing)?

How do I know if this decision is right for me?

At one point or another we all ask ourselves these questions, and struggle to answer them.

Fortunately, we all always have access to the infinite guidance of The Universe (God, Source Energy etc.) and can tap into that guidance whenever we want.

If you’re in the midst of questioning your life and choices right now then read on!

Here are 5 signs from The Universe indicating you’re on the right track: 

1.) Synchronicities abound

Mindful Living: 5 Signs From The Universe You're On The Right Track

Wherever you go, synchronicities follow you, oftentimes taking you by surprise.

Here are some examples: 

You’re in line at the store waiting to check out, thinking about making a move to San Diego and suddenly the person in front of you starts talking on the phone about how beautiful San Diego is. 

You’ve set a goal to write an inspirational, self-help book focused on harnessing your internal powers to achieve your dreams, and you meet someone randomly who works at a publishing house where they specialize in self-help books. 

You give thanks for the abundance in your life, and let go of all financial worries. When you’re heading home, you randomly find a $20 bill on the ground. 

These affirmative signs are guidance from The Universe letting you know you’re heading in the right direction with your life. Take a deep breath and know that life is unfolding in your favor. 

Now is the time to take action, follow your heart’s desires and move in alignment with your purpose. Don’t let fear hold you back — you’ve got this! 

2.) 1’s in sequence follow you 

Mindful Living: 5 Signs From The Universe You're On The Right Track

You check the clock and it’s 11:11 or 1:11. 

You log into Facebook and the first photo you see has 111 likes. 

You’re driving outside, look out the window and see mailbox 1111. 

The car in front of you has a license plate that reads Eleven11. 

Everywhere you go, you notice 1’s in sequence. Don’t ignore this sign — it’s an indicator new beginnings are on the horizon for you and that now is the time to pay attention to what you want, focus on it and then believe it will come to fruition. 

3.) You find it easy to detach from material distractions 

Mindful Living: 5 Signs From The Universe You're On The Right Track

Things that used to distract you no longer do. Rather than checking your phone first thing in the morning, or spending hours on end on social media or watching TV after work, you no longer feel pulled to indulge in these activities.

Instead, you choose to spend your time fully-focused on getting things done, and working toward what you want in life.

This is part of your soul’s awakening and a clear sign from The Universe that you’re living in alignment with your greater good because the material world no longer has a hold on you.

With continued focus, nothing will be out of reach for you. You are now moving with the flow of life, rather than against it, and life will reward you with lots of new ideas and inspiration to feed your soul!

4.) Drama is no longer part of your life 

Mindful Living: 5 Signs From The Universe You're On The Right Track

Things that used to trigger you no longer do. You don’t concern yourself with what other people say, do or think. Instead, you’ve realized everyone is entitled to live life in alignment with their beliefs, and that’s their right.

You have no desire to argue with people or prove a “point”. Instead, you focus on living life in accordance with your desires and this allows you to maintain a happy, joyous state of being.

Letting go of drama and negativity is achieved when you’re on the right path in life. Enjoy your newfound freedom! You are on your way.

5.) You have a familiar feeling of knowing

Mindful Living: 5 Signs From The Universe You're On The Right Track

You often pause and experience an inexplicable feeling of knowing. The path you’re on just feels right, and sometimes during these pauses, you get goosebumps as well.

When this happens, know this is The Universe patting you on the back and affirming you are on the right path! Keep doing what you’re doing!

The Universe is always talking to you and guiding you through this physical experience. To see, hear or feel its signs, pay attention. At any point in time, you can tap into your infinite, spiritual nature and re-direct your vessel.

You are never alone, and you are loved more than know. 




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2 thoughts on “Mindful Living: 5 Signs From The Universe You’re On The Right Track

  1. I can definitely relate to every one of these signs. I recently was trying to figure out if I should leave my easy, comfortable job to pursue a career in life coaching. I had been torn for so long as to whether to take the risk when just before Christmas my boss contacted me to say I was being made redundant! I like to think that was the universe making the decision for me 😊

    1. When our belief for what we want, and our desire for what we want (thoughts + emotions) are aligned, the entire process becomes incredibly magical..the pieces just seem to fall together.

      The Universe certainly is showing you with an affirmative nature that now is the time to move forth in the direction of your dreams at full speed.

      I hope you’ll keep me posted on your journey! Sending you an abundance of love as I know you don’t need luck.

      You’ve got this.


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