Mindful Living: 11 Limiting Beliefs You Need to Give Up to Free Yourself and Be Happy

Mindful Living: 11 Limiting Beliefs You Need to Give Up to Be Happy

“Happiness isn’t an external state of being you need to find, it’s an inseparable part of who you truly are. To be happy, choose happiness.” – Antasha Durbin

Happiness isn't an external state of being you need to find, it's an inseparable part of who you truly are. To be happy, choose happiness. - Antasha Durbin Click To Tweet

Your beliefs impact every facet of your life from the thoughts you think, to the feelings you feel, to the actions you do or don’t take. When you believe you’re powerful and capable, the world becomes a masterpiece of your making. In contrast, when you believe you’re limited, and life is unfair, then the world becomes a scary, fearful place where every day is a challenge.

And today I want you to take an inventory of your beliefs. Are your beliefs uplifting or defeating? Do they empower you or disempower you? Do they leave you feeling good, or bad? 

If your system of beliefs are defeating, disempowering, or leave you feeling bad then they are limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are a self-fulfilling prophecy that keep you trapped in a state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual lack. That’s why recognizing them, and releasing them is so important – so you don’t unconsciously keep yourself stuck!

Here are 11 limiting-beliefs you need to give up to free yourself and be happy: 

1.) I can’t do (insert)

Mindful Living: 11 Limiting Beliefs You Need to Give Up to Be Happy

As Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.” And Ford was right. Because when you tell yourself you can’t do something, fear-based thoughts and emotions flood your body and prevent action. You inadvertently keep yourself stuck right where you are – wishing you could change something, but too afraid to try.

Whether you think you can, or think you can't, you're right. - Henry Ford Click To Tweet

The moment you surrender and allow your mind to fill with reasons why you CAN do that thing you want to do, positive action can take place, and you unblock yourself so you’re able to progress forward.

2.) I’m not good enough

The “I’m not good enough” limiting belief is typically rooted in comparisons. It happens when we are conditioned to see beauty and talent as a one-size definition and we try to squeeze ourselves into the mold of whatever “good enough” is.

Perhaps you can relate to this. Perhaps you find yourself scrolling through social media comparing yourself to the people in your feed or the celebrities in magazines wishing you were more like them.

But, you were born perfect, and it’s only your conditioned mindset that limits you and tells you that you aren’t enough. If you’re nodding your head in silent agreement, take a deep breath and say to yourself, “I am enough as I am!”. 

3.) I’ll be happy when

Happiness isn’t a contingency, based on some external event or achievement. If it were so superficial, being happy on a day-to-day basis wouldn’t be possible because we would always be striving for the next “thing” that would bring us happiness.

Yet many of us treat happiness as though it is a contingency – usually without realizing it. We say things like:

“I’ll be happy when it’s the weekend.”

“I’ll be happy when I have enough money.”

“I’ll be happy when I achieve (insert).”

Giving up this belief that happiness is based on something outside of us allows us to tap into our true power, and harness happiness as a permanent state of being based on our choice to be happy!

4.) I’m this way because (insert)

The “I’m this way because (insert)” limiting belief manifests through real-life experiences that happened to us in the past, that we then carry into the present and insidiously re-live every day.

And it isn’t until we become conscious of these victim-based limiting beliefs that we can work to change them.

Left unchanged, this mindset will prevent you from proactively taking action to improve the quality of your life. What’s more, you’ll constantly make excuses for why your life is the way it is, rather than taking accountability and changing it.

5.) I’ll never be (insert)

“I’ll never be wealthy.”

“I’ll never be happy.”

“I’ll never be successful.” 

Do you ever tell yourself statements like these, and then end up feeling bad about yourself and your life? If you answered yes, then the “I’ll never be (insert)” limiting belief is currently holding you hostage.

To pivot, give thanks for all that you are, and all that you have. Then change your negative affirmations to positive affirmations.

6.) I’m not capable of achieving (insert)

Sometimes we allow frustration to take over, and when this happens we belittle ourselves and our progress. We doubt our ability to achieve our goals and bring our visions into fruition and stall ourselves in the process.

But, every cell in our bodies is full of infinite potential, and there is nothing we can’t be, do, or have. And if you’re struggling right now, and need some inspiration, read about someone who has beaten the odds, or achieved the unachievable, or made the impossible possible.

The only difference between those people and you is their belief in their ability to achieve what they set their minds to. Remember that.

7.) I’m too old to do (insert)

Each day we’re given is a blessing. And all of us have a different timeline for our physical journey. Some of us only live for a few days, others live to be centurions, so there’s no truth in being too old to do something – as long as you’re here, you have time!

Don’t worry about what someone else accomplished before you. Or other people are accomplishing now. Focus on yourself and what YOU can do starting today.

And if you need some inspiration, check out Baddie Winkie, an 89-year-old model who began her modeling career in 2014 at the youthful age of 84!

8.) I should have started sooner

Mindful Living: 11 Limiting Beliefs You Need to Give Up to Be Happy

The “I should have started sooner” limiting belief is not only disempowering, but it’s also irrelevant. The fact is, you didn’t start sooner and that’s okay! There’s no sense in feeling guilty about it.

We all start somewhere, and there’s nothing wrong with being a beginner at something!

Keep in mind, the experts of the world were once just beginners too. That’s why no matter who you are, how old you are, or where you are in your life, the perfect time to start is right now!

9.) I have nothing to offer

All of us are born with innate gifts and talents. Yet all too often, we compare ourselves with others and convince ourselves we have nothing to offer.

This limiting belief is not only untrue, but it’s also damaging. If you let it, it will prevent you from actioning your dreams, keep you stuck, and leave you feeling bad about yourself!

10.) I’m not skilled enough

The “I’m not skilled enough” limiting belief is rooted in the desire to be perfect, and the lack of confidence that imperfection brings. But there’s no such thing as manmade perfection which is why focusing on progress should be the goal.

By focusing on progress, you can continue to build your skills why still committing yourself to whatever it is you want to do with your life.

11.) I don’t know enough 

Life isn’t a linear journey where once you reach a certain you have all of the information and knowledge you’ll ever need. Instead, life is full of ebbs and flows and requires us to be constant students as we navigate our physical experience.

Therefore, the excuse that you “don’t know enough” to start something is just that – an excuse. If you have an interest in something, and your intuition is telling you to go for it, then do it! Trust that you’ll be guided to the knowledge and information you need to be successful at whatever that thing is.

Mindful Living: 11 Limiting Beliefs You Need to Give Up to Be Happy

Above all remember, your words are powerful! The words you think, speak and believe create your external reality. They shape your perspective about yourself and the world around you.

If you believe happiness is your birthright, and you can be, do, or have anything you want then the world will unfold in your favor. In contrast, if you believe life is a difficult struggle, then your life will be filled with fear, hardships, and challenges.

As Jesus once said, “My brother choose again.” Now the only question is, are you ready to choose again?



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