Inspired Living: A Q&A With The Universe About Life, Change and Purpose

Inspired Living: A Q&A With The Universe About Life, Change and Purpose

“You came into this time and space reality to experience growth, contrast, and change. It was your wish to spend a lifetime learning how to navigate a multi-dimensional world as a multi-dimensional being, and your wish is my command.” – The Universe 

Imagine sitting down with The Universe, and having all of your questions about life, purpose, and change answered.

What would you ask? How would receiving the answers change your life? What would you do next?

Since starting CAJ, I’ve received countless emails from people longing to understand more about life, purpose, and change. Their questions, while uniquely worded, were not unique. Instead, over and over again I saw a pattern and realized we all ask these questions at one point or another.

I then had an ah-ha moment! What if I take these questions directly to The Universe, and ask for the answers?

And like the big bang, this Q & A was born. It’s my hope these words will inspire you, and bring you clarity as you continue navigating your beautiful life journey!



Question: I’m struggling in life and can’t seem to find joy in anything, what can I do?

Inspired Living: A Q&A With The Universe About Life, Change and Purpose

Universe: Your internal struggles are based on the discord you’re feeling about your life and purpose. You feel lost and uncertain of where to go next. You feel life is against you and bad things always happen to you. 

You can start by acknowledging you are a divine, eternal being that is powerful and limitless. Once you accept this as true, your perspective will begin to shift. 

You see, right now, life is acting in accordance with your limiting beliefs. If you want to improve your quality of life, you can start by choosing to feel happy and joyful.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to spend a few minutes meditating and becoming present in your life and then giving thanks for 3 things you have right now in your life. Doing this consistently will allow you to shift your vibration from a negative state of being to a positive state of being. 

Question: I feel stuck by my life and circumstances. I’m working a job I don’t enjoy, and I feel like I do the same thing every day. Is this it for me? 

Inspired Living: A Q&A With The Universe About Life, Change and Purpose

Universe: Well, that depends on you.

You see, when you incarnated into this physical time and space reality, you did so with a free will. Ultimately, your life is what you choose it to be. You can either choose to feel stuck (and then life will answer with many more experiences and things that will make you feel stuck so as to answer your beliefs and expectations) or you can choose to feel free, and choose to start navigating a new path for yourself. 

You are a powerful, limitless, multidimensional being living in a quantum world with infinite possibilities. Your life can be anything you want it to be.

Here’s a tip: if you want to get “unstuck” start believing you are no longer stuck. Feel the feelings of being free. Imagine what you’d be doing and who you’d be with. 

How does that feel?

Good, keep those feelings going. Before you know it, life will respond with physical opportunities for you to “unstuck yourself”. 

Magical, isn’t it? 

Question: Why is it so hard for me to make lasting changes that would improve my quality of life?

Inspired Living: A Q&A With The Universe About Life, Change and Purpose

Universe: You’re finding it difficult making lasting changes because you’re resisting change. When you start to do things that begin the process of change in your life, you feel uncomfortable and you stop. 

Change is the most natural part of the world. Everything in the ethos is always in a constant state of flux, and you are no different. If you want to make lasting changes in your life, then align your thoughts and feelings with the changes you want to make (i.e. believe, act and feel as though you’re already experiencing those changes) and they will come to fruition. 

Oh, and have patience!

Each time you decide to make a new change, look at it as a new seed you’re planting into your garden of life. In order for that seed to grow, it first needs to sprout roots which will become its foundation. Without a foundation, your seed will never reach its full potential and become the plant it was created to be.

As it grows its roots, you won’t be able to see them. But, you’ll need to continue watering and nurturing your seed anyways — trusting that it’s in the process of becoming. If you stop nurturing it because you “can’t see” the progress, it will never sprout nor reach its potential. 

You are no different than that seed, and neither are your hopes, dreams, and goals. Nurture your dreams with love, care, patience, and belief. Don’t become discouraged when the things you want aren’t immediately visible. Focus instead on the result you want, and have faith that the life you want is in the process of becoming…because it is. 

Question: I had a traumatic event happen to me in the past, and I’m having trouble letting go and moving on. What can I do to heal?

Inspired Living: A Q&A With The Universe About Life, Change and Purpose

Universe: Everyone walking this planet has had something they could consider traumatic happen to them. You were given emotions so you could work through circumstances like these, and let them go, rather than hold them in. So we say to you: if you’re having trouble moving forward, start by moving through the emotions that are inside of you. Let them out so they can be expelled and aren’t trapped. 

Once you’ve worked through the emotions, and let them go (don’t deny them or they will linger!) then forgive whatever or whoever was involved and move forward. 

Forgiveness is key when it comes to personal traumatic or any negative feelings you carry because, in the absence of forgiveness, you re-live the traumatic event over and over again. Then, all of the emotions come flooding back and this makes it feel impossible for you to move forward.

By forgiving whatever and whoever was involved, you allow yourself the freedom to move forward without negative attachment to the past. View forgiveness as a gift to yourself because it is!

In these situations, you’re given a choice: 

1.) Choose to be defined by this event, and let it plague you for the rest of your life.

2.) Choose to not be defined by what happened to you, and know you have the power to choose who you are, and what you will become now and forevermore. 

The choice is yours. You hold the key to your prison and the key to your salvation. Which way will you turn it?

Question: I’ve been trying to meditate, think positive and work on conscious manifestation, but nothing is happening. I feel like giving up. What am I doing wrong?

Inspired Living: A Q&A With The Universe About Life, Change and Purpose

Universe: In order to create the life you want to live, you have to align your thoughts and feelings with what you want. If you’re struggling to see results, that’s because you’re still getting in your own way. 

This means you either: 

1.) Have lingering limiting self-beliefs (lack of belief, low self-worth etc.) that are blocking your thought forms from coming to fruition


2.) Are not in a state of joyful bliss, and your thoughts and feelings are misaligned with your desires. 

Both of the above will block you from manifesting what you want — regardless of what else you’re doing. 

Here’s a piece of advice from us: get out of your own way, and believe in yourself! If you could see yourself from our perspective, you’d never have another echo of doubt!

Question: I know I need to make changes in my life, but I feel so overwhelmed by how much needs to change. I don’t know where to begin! I find myself starting something, and then giving up. How do I start?

Inspired Living: A Q&A With The Universe About Life, Change and Purpose

Universe: Stop looking at the picture of your life like a blank canvas from far away. This will seem like you have too much left to do to create your masterpiece. Instead, choose a piece of the canvas, and focus on that. Once you get the momentum going, little by little, you’ll start seeing massive progress and positive change. 

Have faith in yourself and enjoy the creation process. It’s nice to stand in awe of a completed project, but it’s even more fun to experience bringing it to life.

Remember that!

Question: All of my friends and peers are so much further ahead in their lives than I am. They have good careers, houses, they travel and do all of this exciting stuff. I still live with roommates and can barely afford my rent. What’s wrong with me?

Inspired Living: A Q&A With The Universe About Life, Change and Purpose

Universe: There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you! You were created to be just as you are, and you are the only you in this world. How incredible is that? 

There’s no point in comparing your physical experience with the experiences of those around you — they are are their core, incomparable and as such it would be illogical to try to compare them!

You didn’t come here to worry about what other people have or don’t have, or where they’ve traveled or haven’t traveled. You came here to experience life for yourself, and that’s exactly what you’re doing. 

Everyone on this planet is born according to their own divine timeline and exists according to their own divine timeline. In between birth and physical death (here we refer to it as the transition back into your whole, divine self) you work according to a timeline design for you, not for your friends, peers, parents or anyone else! 

Question: I don’t know what my purpose is. I can’t figure out why I’m here, or what I’m meant to do. How do I figure it out?

Inspired Living: A Q&A With The Universe About Life, Change and Purpose

Universe: Ah, purpose. The great question of human life.

Have you ever watched a fish swim, a bee pollinate a flower, a plant grow or a bird fly? Nature is incredible, isn’t it? All of the parts move together in a grand dance, knowing instinctively what to do and how to act. 

You, too, possess the magical ability to instinctively tap into your purpose. The trouble is you’re so busy looking outside of yourself and worrying about what other people are doing that you miss what you already intuitively know. 

Go within. Tap into your Higher Self. There you will find the answers you are seeking, and the power to bring them to fruition.  

The world is your oyster, now go find your pearls!

We believe in you and love you!

The Universe

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