11:11 Spiritual Meaning: Decoding Signs from the Spiritual Realm

11:11 Spiritual Meaning: Decoding Signs from the Spiritual Realm

“Synchronicity is the spiritual realm winking at you, and affirming you are on the right path.” – CAJ Spirituality

All of us are spiritual beings having a human experience, and as we move through our physical lives we’re constantly being guided by the spiritual realm.

One of the ways spirit guides, the Universe, Source energy (whatever you want to call it) communicates with us is through numbers because numbers carry meaning, and always vibrate at a consistent frequency.

And one of the most powerful numerical combinations is 11:11 — it carries significant spiritual meaning. If you’ve frequently been noticing 11:11 everywhere around you, pay attention because the spirit world has a message to deliver you.

Here are 5 reasons you’re seeing 11:11 and the spiritual meaning behind them:

11:11 Spiritual Meaning: It’s time to release your fears

11:11 Spiritual Meaning: Decoding Signs from the Spiritual Realm

You are being asked to release your fears, and fully embrace your life and all of the opportunities coming your way. Uncertainty is a natural part of the human experience, but when you fear it you prevent yourself from growing, and you block new opportunities from coming into fruition.

Now is the time to harness your inner strength, and embrace the unknown. Once you do this, infinite opportunities will be yours for the taking!

11:11 Spiritual Meaning: New beginnings are coming

11:11 Spiritual Meaning: Decoding Signs from the Spiritual Realm

The world is full of infinite opportunities, but you cannot grasp them if you’re not paying attention. Keep your eyes and senses open and alert. Be mindful of the possibilities all around you.

New beginnings are on the horizon for you, and the time to restart or adjust your life is now. Seize each moment and event as it comes, and the universe will continue to guide you to the next logical step.


11:11 Spiritual Meaning: You are being heard

11:11 Spiritual Meaning: Decoding the Signs from the Spiritual Realm

If you ever feel like you’re completely alone, and your prayers and requests go unheard know that this is your confirmation that you are being heard. Every prayer you say, request you make, thought you think, and word you speak is heard and answered.

Answers don’t always come the way you expect them to, so have an open mind and know you are never alone.

11:11 Spiritual Meaning: What you want also wants you

11:11 Spiritual Meaning: Decoding Signs from the Spiritual Realm

You are on the right path and the things you desire also want you. As you move through this time, remember to be patient. It takes time for a planted seed to grow its roots and break through the soil.

The seed of your dreams is in the process of blossoming. Have faith and continue to nurture it as you move through this physical life experience.

Never forget you are a limitless creator.

11:11 Spiritual Meaning: You are actively manifesting your desires

11:11 Spiritual Meaning: Decoding Signs from the Spiritual Realm

You are in the process of bringing your dreams into manifested reality. You have tapped into the creative wisdom of the Universe, and are able to bring your thoughts into form.

Whenever you see 11:11 or 1111 pay attention to your thoughts. Make sure you’re thinking about things that align with the vision you have for your life, rather than things that you don’t want to bring into your life.

These are the 5 spiritual meanings behind 11:11. Each time you see 11:11, know that this is the spiritual realm reaching out its energetic hand to you, to guide you through this journey. Smile and give thanks. You are loved beyond comprehension, and never alone…



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11 thoughts on “11:11 Spiritual Meaning: Decoding Signs from the Spiritual Realm

  1. I turned over two angel cards for myself today. One was “Divine Guidance” and one was “Signs.” I was supposed to look for signs that the angels and spirit guides were trying to reach me. I have long seen some combination of the numbers 11:11, so you blog today is my sign! Thank you, Antasha!

    Big love,


    1. Thank you so much for sharing this with me Shawna! It gives me goosebumps knowing how interconnected we all truly are…such a beautiful synchronicity…the Universe truly is a magical place, isn’t it?

      Sending you big love, and many more magical signs 🙂


    1. Dear Simon,

      Perhaps this is your indoctrination into the 11:11 phenomena… I have a sneaking suspicion you may start noticing it all around you now…

      Big love, Xx,

  2. Question: You talk about numbers having their own frequency. I’m assuming that that frequency would be based on the MEANING of the number, not the written number itself, correct? For instance, II:II could also be read as Roman numerals, and in that case, its “meaning” would be equivalent to the meaning of 2:2. Or do you think the written form of the number is what’s important? Sorry if this is a rather esoteric question! I’m a philosopher who writes about synchronicities and other “paranormal” phenomena, and I’m curious about your take on this. Thank you!

    1. Hi Sharon!

      Thank you for your question – and for stopping by!

      To give you my perspective:

      Frequency is based on seen and unseen, i.e. both you are I carry a physical frequency that can be seen and understood (to a certain degree) and an unseen frequency. The same is true for numbers.

      The number “1” carries a certain frequency, which amplifies when it’s repeated. The same goes for other numbers and everything else in the universe.

      Therefore, when we see repeating 1’s in this sense (we can remove the colon and make it 1111 to keep the interpretation pure) the meaning comes from the energy of the number 1 being amplified. Ultimately, this means the number is important, as is the meaning behind it.

      Hopefully, my explanation was helpful and made sense! I’d love to hear your thoughts as well.

      Big love, Xx,

  3. Recently I have started to see 11.11,22.:22, 4444,some strange numbers, I googled it and came to know about angel numbers. It feels strange wen I see these numbers. But happy to know that the angels or universe is sending me positive messages.

    1. Hi Preeti,

      Pay attention to what you’re thinking about when you see these numbers. Those thoughts will help you distinguish these patterns, and what they’re trying to tell you.


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