Happiness Chronicles: 5 Simple Ways to Feel Joyful Every Day

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“The key to being happy is knowing you have the power to choose what to accept and what to let go.” – Dodinsky

Happiness isn’t achieved through perfection — it’s achieved once we accept life as it is, imperfections and all.

By accepting life’s imperfections rather than resisting them, we can reach a joyous state of being every day.  However, most of us spend our time finding things to complain about rather than to be grateful for. And no matter how many materialistic luxuries we have, we end up leading an unhappy life!

Why does such an awful scenario exist?

It’s only because we often don’t understand the real meaning of happiness. Happiness doesn’t lie in a big house and an expensive car. Rather it’s all about the simple joys of life that you need to identify. Here’s how you can actually lead a happier life:

1.) Be a Helping Hand

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Sometimes achieving personal goals alone is enough to feel happy. We can still be empty inside. That’s why it’s important to always make meaningful contributions to other people’s lives as well. If you help others, it will give your heart and mind the ultimate satisfaction.

2.) Be Thankful for Everything

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Think silently about everything in your life in your life right now. Have you ever realized how much you much you have to say thank you for?

For most of us, that answer is no because we don’t realize nor appreciate the significance of the basic necessities we have in our lives.  Instead, we take having a roof over our head and plenty of food on our plate for granted. However, if you take the time to reflect on what you already have, you’ll feel a lot happier and blessed in your life!

3.) Don’t Try to Please Everyone

Happiness Chronicles: 5 Simple Ways to Feel Joyful Every Day

If you pretend to be someone else, it will take you away from your true self. This is one of the major reasons why people are losing happiness in their lives with each passing day. Hence, you should completely avoid doing that. Instead, choose to make yourself happy first and don’t try to please everyone you come across and that’s it! Doing this will bring you happiness.

4.) Get Rid of Negative Thinking

How to get rid of negative thinking

Do you know that consistent negative thinking leads to depression, sadness, and low self-worth? That’s why you need to avoid it.

If you become more conscious about it and replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts, you will feel happier. One of the best ways to do this is by steering clear of negative and toxic people, and surrounding yourself with positive minded people.

5.) Let Bygones be Bygones

Happiness Chronicles: 5 Simple Ways to Feel Joyful Every Day

If you are holding a grudge, it will hamper you more than the person against whom you are holding it. So, just forgive and forget. Letting go of grudges makes life easier and more carefree.

If you’re struggling to let go, just ask yourself a simple question: “Why can’t I let the past go?’’ Do you feel yourself becoming angry as you think about the situation you’re holding on to?

Now, take a few deep breaths in and out and tell yourself, “I choose to let go of (insert) for myself because I know letting go will make ME feel better and benefit me.” Allow yourself to feel that lightness that comes from releasing the grudges of your past. Isn’t it wonderful to feel peaceful?

That’s why in spite of holding on any anger, you should focus instead on the brighter future. You will definitely be happier than ever before.

Don’t hold yourself back from happiness anymore! Put these 5 tips into practice today and your life will begin to improve immediately! See how simple happiness truly is?

Christopher Headshot.jpg Author Bio: Christopher Meloni is a Content Manager at Couponsmonk. Apart from his profession, he also has a passion for blogging and he likes to explore new and innovative methods of marketing within his field. Connect with Christopher on Twitter.

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