6 Steps to Take When You Know You’re Destined for More (P.s. Free Dream Manifestation Cheatsheet Attached)

“Make your vision so clear that your fear becomes irrelevant.” 

Do you know you’re destined for more, but you’re not sure how to get there?

Perhaps you’re stuck at a job you don’t like. Perhaps you’re a student trying to figure out what you want to do with the rest your life. Or maybe you’re searching for personal meaning and fulfillment. 

Whatever the case may be, if you feel like you’re destined for more — that’s because you are!

But…where do you begin?

How do you find your purpose and figure out what your dreams are?

And once you do that, how the heck do you manifest them into reality?

A few months before I started CAJ, I asked myself these very questions. And I used a simple 6-step formula to get clarity, focus on my dreams and bring them to fruition. 

Now I’d like to share this process with you so you can do the same: 

Dream Manifestation Cheatsheet (1).jpg

Above all remember — every day matters. If you take this worksheet seriously, and use it daily, eventually you will get the results you want. 

As Lao Tzu once said, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Are you ready to take YOUR first step? 



P.s. click here to download the PDF — and if you found this cheatsheet useful, please share it with someone else who could use it too!

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8 thoughts on “6 Steps to Take When You Know You’re Destined for More (P.s. Free Dream Manifestation Cheatsheet Attached)

    1. So happy you enjoyed! I still do all of these things daily and they help me tremendously! =) Big love to you! Xx

    1. Me too! They’re the best! And you can make them free online, so it’s a great thing to do and save as a computer + phone background so you’re constantly reminded of your goals!

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