A Letter from the Universe on Overcoming Unconscious Drifting

Your true potential resides in the present moment, where every choice has the power to shape your destiny.

– The Universe

Dearest One,

Drifting happens when the unconscious mind takes over and seeks instant gratification in the form of quick dopamine releases. Instead of working toward a specific goal, a drifter moves to and fro without direction.

We see millions of people caught up in this pattern every day. They binge watch TV shows, scroll aimlessly through social media, or play video games for hours on end. Usually, this occurs without the person even realizing it. Hours turn into days, days turn into months, and months turn into years. Then all of a sudden, they wake up and say, “How did I get here? This isn’t where I want to be.”

Let this serve as your reminder to stay alert and live with intention. Don’t let life pass you by without being aware. Make choices consciously. If you want to relax and do nothing (which we highly recommend as a form of self-care), then do it! But be present. There’s a difference between conscious relaxation such as meditating, sitting in nature, or soaking in a warm bath, and unconscious addiction.

Walk the line with your eyes open and live with intention.

With endless love,

The Universe

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