How to Tap into Your Intuition: 3 Ways to Clear the Clutter

How to Tap into Your Intuition: 3 Ways to Clear the Clutter

Intuition is often considered to be a mystical concept — something we can only access once we reach a certain level of spiritual maturity. But I’d like you to shift your perspective and view your intuition not as something you have to earn, but rather as something that already exists within you.

You are born with intuition. It’s literally within you from the moment you take your first breath. When realized, your intuition acts as an internal compass, helping to guide you through life.

And let’s be honest… we could all use a little more guidance.

But oftentimes our we unintentionally block our own intuition because of all the internal clutter we carry around, which is why I’m going to walk you through how to clear the clutter and access your internal guidance system.

Let’s dive in…

What is intuition?

Intuition is defined as, “the ability to acquire knowledge without recourse to conscious reasoning.”

Translation: You just know what you know, and you can’t explain why you know. Intuition isn’t logical, it’s intuitive, meaning you feel it, you don’t analyze it.

What are some examples of intuition?

For the purposes of this article, we’ll focus on two types of intuition: everyday intuition and survival intuition. Both of these forms of intuition serve one purpose — to guide us through life.

Here are some examples of everyday intuition:

  • Feeling an impulse to quickly clean your house, and 20 minutes later an unexpected guest arrives
  • Having an inexplicable urge to turn your phone ringer on, even though it’s always on silent, followed by an important phone call
  • Something tells you to check your tires before driving to work, and you discover a nail in your front passanger side tire
  • You sense something is wrong in your best friend’s marriage, and soon discover her husband is cheating
  • You dream your child is unhappy at school, and a few days later find out he is being bullied

Everyday intuition offers us the opportunity to go beyond logical reason and explore our internal guidance system.

Here are some examples of survival intuition:

  • Feeling like you shouldn’t attend an event, so you don’t go. Later you find out the route you would have taken to get there was the scene of a massive car accident you may have been in.
  • Having an inexplicable urge not to drive when you’re sitting at a stoplight and it turns green. You sit there idly for a few seconds, with a line of cars impatiently honking behind you waiting for the feeling to pass. Moments later a small child runs across the stress — and had you not listened to your inner voice, you or one of the cars behind you would have hit the child.
  • Meeting a charming person that your intuition tells you to stay away from. You can’t put your finger on it, but something about the person is off. You decide not to exchange numbers or maintain any form of future communciation. When you get home, you Google the person and discover they have a history of domestic violence claims against them.

As these examples illustrate, you never know when your intuition may save someone’s life… even your own. Listen to the guidance you are given.

Solutions to clear the clutter

In order to fully unlock our intuition, we have to start by releasing our internal baggage (aka clutter). Because unresolved emotions such as regret, bitterness, past trauma, or toxic perceptions of self (such as lack of self-belief) keep us stuck in the past, incapable of living, AND trusting in the wisdom of the present moment.

1.) Work through your emotions

Emotions act as an internal indicator, telling us where there is discord brewing within. When we ignore our emotions, we, in turn, reject the guidance being offered to us.

To clear the internal clutter you may carry inside due to past experiences, honor your emotions. This means you feel them fully (i.e. cry when you’re sad, yell if you need to), identify where they’re coming from, and then release them when you’re ready.

By honoring your emotions, and getting to the root of your internal clutter, you release what no longer serves you and clear your mind. In turn, it becomes much easier to listen to your intuition.

2.) Clear your space

It’s hard to focus on the present moment and the guidance life is offering us when we’re surrounded by a bunch of chaos.

Keep your physical space clean and organized so you aren’t distracted by everything around you. Make it a habit to regularly purge the items that no longer serve you or bring you joy.

Maintaining organization and order makes it easier to tune into your intuition sans distractions.

3.) Use meditation to unblock the mind-body connection

Regular meditation reduces anxiety and calms the mind. When your mind is in a peaceful state, accessing the guidance it offers is much easier than when you have a million conflicting thoughts running through your mind.

Rather than trying to totally stop your thoughts from coming (because this won’t happen through force) focus instead on being an observer of your thoughts. Don’t judge what you’re thinking — notice it. Then, once you’ve acknowledged your thoughts, move your focus to your breathing. Spend the rest of your session feeling the sensation of air entering and exiting your body.

Each time your attention drifts, bring it back to your breathing. With practice, this will help you reach a deeper level of relaxation and inner stillness, thereby enabling you to unblock your mind-body connection.

Use these 3 suggestions to clear the clutter and tap into your intuition.



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  1. Clearing the clutter….sound advice. I tap into my intuition regularly. It is a true friend. It is an art form and coupled with meditation, it becomes easier to trust this inner wisdom. Angela.

    1. So important to clear out the distractions so we can tap into the guidance within 🙂 Meditation is a huge help, truly. Xx,

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