Compound Manifestation: How Small Decisions Can Make or Break Your Ability to Manifest

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For the past three years, I’ve been blogging about spirituality, the law of attraction, manifestation and goal attainment. Every day, I receive emails from people who are eager to manifest the lives of their dreams.

But, there is SO much misinformation about how these ancient teachings and practices work. You see, visualization, positive affirmations, and gratitude are spiritual exercises. They help you align your energy with what you want and keep a positive outlook on life. And when it comes to achieving your dreams, alignment is key… to opening the door of opportunity. But, in order to step inside the door, you have to lift up your foot and walk inside. Manifestation: How to Create an Action Board and Why You Need One to Reach Your Goals

Put simply: You have to take consistent action if you want to manifest your dreams.

In this article on compound manifestation, I’m going to walk you through how small decisions make or break your ability to manifest, and how to get started.

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How small decisions make or break your ability to manifest:

Imagine your big vision right now is to become a best-selling author and inspirational speaker. You have a great story to share with the world, and you know your journey could help others. You meditate every morning and regularly visualize yourself on stage, in front of thousands of people.

You know you should start writing your book. You know the only way to achieve your dream is to get started. But, there are so many others things vying for your attention. You have a family to take care of. A full-time job. You have friends to see. Errands and chores to do. And at the end of each day, you say to yourself “I’ll start tomorrow.”

Here’s the harsh reality: if you don’t take action, or the action you take is sporadic (I.e. you write once in a blue moon), your life will never become what it was meant to be.

On the other hand, if you take consistent action (i.e. commit to writing 500 words every morning), then you will come to the day when you finish your book. Your dreams will begin to unfold. You will build personal momentum. And each action will create completed will create progress.

Eventually, you’ll look back with a finished manuscript and say, “I did it! One day, and one commitment at a time.” Then, you can begin tackling the next goal – for example, finding an agent or a publisher.

By making those small decisions every single day, you will invite the right opportunities and people into your life. That’s why small decision are absolutely crucial to bringing your manifestations to fruition.

Now, let’s talk about how you can get started!

Step 1: Crystalize Your Vision

What exactly do you want to manifest, and why do you want to manifest this desire? Write out, in detail, exactly what you want in your life (this can be long-term, short-term, or both) and WHY this manifestation is important to you.

Clarity is key for two reasons:

  1. You want to make sure you’re working towards a vision that aligns with your higher self and true purpose
  2. When you have clarity, you’ll know exactly what needs to be done every step of the way

Once you have clarity, move on to the next step.

Step 2: Identify Each Stage

Now that you have clarity around what you want, and what you want it, it’s time to look at the big picture and outline the stages that will get you to where you want to be.

Using the example above, here’s what the stages might look like:

  • Stage 1: Book creation: create a writing schedule, draft an outline, create a deadline, write the book.
  • Stage 2: Book proposal: Research agents and publishing houses. Select focal people and businesses. Write a book proposal and submit it for consideration.
  • Stage 3: Secure publishing deal: After submissions, follow-up with agents/publishers and get feedback. Tweak book or proposal if necessary. Continue until deal is secured.
  • Stage 4: Find speaking opportunities: Search for speaking opportunities, start small and local, and begin sharing story and details about upcoming book.
  • Stage 5: Promote book, continue speaking engagements: Promote book to network, on social media, various outlets, and continue speaking engagements.

Once you have your stages ironed out, you can then identify the individual steps you will need to take to reach your desired outcome(s).

Compound Manifestation: How Small Decisions Can Make or Break Your Ability to Manifest

Step 3: Identify the Small Steps

Using the stages you’ve just created, you can now take a deeper dive and iron out the necessary steps you need to take to complete each stage.

For example, using the book creation stage from above, the next steps might be:

  • Step 1: Create a daily writing schedule
  • Step 2: Draft an outline for the book
  • Step 3: Write 500 words everyday
  • Step 4: Complete the book
  • Step 5: Hire a professional editor
  • Step 6: Work with editor to revise and perfect manuscript

Write out the steps you’ll need to take for each stage to the best of your ability. Be as granular as possible, but don’t worry if you don’t know all of the steps you’ll need to take just yet. You’ll learn and adapt as you work toward completing each stage.

Step 4: Start with Stage 1, Step 1

By now you’ve ironed out the stages of your vision, as well as the steps for each stage, so it’s time to get started. Get excited because this is the FUN part!

Begin by tackling stage one, starting with the first step. Now, depending on your specific vision, this step might be something you finish in one day, or it could be a continuous step you need to take (such as writing 500 words per day).

Make sure you don’t move on to the next step in this stage until one of these two conditions have been met:

  • You complete the step (for example, you finish the outline of your book)
  • You are well into a routine with this step (for example, you are consistently writing 500 words every day without missing a day)

Step 5: Continue Until Your Vision is Realized

Continue working through each stage, and each step, until your vision is realized. With each daily action, you will build continued momentum for yourself and stay aligned with your dreams. That said, be flexible! Unexpected challenges are likely to occur, and you will probably need to amend your initial list of stages and steps a few times. This is completely normal, and all a part of the journey!

Remember to flow with life because manifestation involves alignment, action and some magic too! Be open to all of the ways life may redirect you to bring you what you want.

Use these 5 steps to create compound manifestation in your life…one small action at a time!



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