5 Essential Visualization Exercises (To Help You Reach Your Goals)

5 Essential Visualization Exercises (To Help You Reach Your Goals)
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What is visualization?

Visualization is the process of activating the imagination and mentally rehearsing something. During this process, often called daydreaming, your mind wanders from the present reality into a formless reality.

How does visualization work?

Visualization works by suspending disbelief, and allowing the imagination to fully envision a specific outcome, event or circumstance. This process is often used by professional athletes before they compete, actors before they perform and many other high-achieving people.

If you’re ready to bring your dreams into fruition, start by using these 5 essential visualization exercises:

1.) Mentally Visualize What You Want As Though It’s Real

This process, known as ‘mental rehearsing,’ allows you to tap into the power of your imagination and see, feel and experience what you want as though it’s real. By doing this, you’ll have a taste of what it would be like to achieve your goal before it’s realized in the physical world.

Here’s how you can visualize what you want:
  1. Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit and close your eyes
  2. Tap into your imagination and visualize, in vivid detail, your goal as though it’s been realized
  3. Allow yourself to feel, see and experience what it’s like to live with this goal attained

Do this on a daily basis, and after each successful visualization make sure to give thanks. Gratitude will help you maintain a higher vibration, and allow your desired outcome to manifest more easily.

2.) Leverage Your Emotions While Visualizing

5 Essential Visualization Exercises (To Help You Reach Your Goals)

Your emotions are powerful. They impact everything about your life from how you feel about yourself and the world around you, to the actions you do or don’t take. That’s why when it comes to visualization, it’s crucial you leverage your emotions as you’re mentally rehearsing what you want.

By capitalizing on your feelings of joy, happiness, gratitude and inspiration you’ll be able to create momentum in your life. Then once you finish your visualization you’ll be more likely to take inspired action, and take the necessary steps to work toward your goal.

3.) Create a Vision Board to Aid in Daily Visualization

A vision board is a physical visualization tool where pictures, quotes, goals and dreams are outlined (typically in collage form) on a board. Once you create your board, hang it in a high traffic area so you can reference it both consciously and subconsciously on a daily basis.

Your vision board will help you keep your dream top-of-mind, and inspire daily action and visualization. If you don’t know how to create a vision board, check out this step-by-step course.

4.) See Your Life Complete As it Is

5 Essential Visualization Exercises (To Help You Reach Your Goals)

This step may seem counterproductive to visualization, but it’s essential for manifesting your dreams. See your life as whole and complete as it is, and abundance and effortless achievement will be your reward.

Rather than constantly craving more and worrying about when and how your dreams will come into fruition, surrender control. Let your mind sit still, in peaceful harmony. Relax into this moment right here, right now. Let go and let God.

5.) Suspend Fear and Doubt

Have faith in your dreams, and suspend doubt and fear. Expect to see and receive your desired outcome, and remember that you don’t control the how.

"Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain 'Move from here to there,' and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you." – Matthew 17:20 Click To Tweet

What’s your favorite visualization exercise? Leave your answer in the comments below!



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    1. I have! I love doing mindful meditation, and find it really helps aid in the visualization, and mental relaxation process. Do you have a favorite mindful meditation you listen to?

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