5 Ways to Heal Your Soul And Live A Joyful Life

5 Ways to Heal Your Soul And Live A Joyful Life

“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.” 

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. But, many of us become so immersed in the physical world that we forget who and what we truly are. In the wake of this forgetfulness, we make decisions out of fear, we think thoughts that bring us down, and we neglect our souls and higher selves in the process.

As a result, many of us live lives full of dis-ease, illness, and general unhappiness. If this resonates with you, then use the 5 suggestions below to heal your soul and live a joyful life: 

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1.) Forgive. 

To forgive others is to heal yourself from the inside. - CAJ Spirituality Click To Tweet

Dwelling in the past, and holding on to what hurt you does more harm to you than anyone else. When you don’t let go of what was, you can’t make room for what will be meaning your soul is stuck in limbo, waiting.

To heal your soul, you have to begin by letting go of past anger, resentment, and pain so that it no longer lingers like a toxic poison inside of your body. Also

2.) Release attachment.

Attachment works like an anchor, keeping you stuck to material items, situational outcomes, and relationships – even when those things don’t serve your highest good.

That’s why it’s important to release attachment so you’re able to let go of everything that’s holding you back, accept life as it is, and allow things to flow into your experience freely and without conditions. As a result, your soul will be able to flourish and free itself from the confines of the material world.

Remember, you are in this world, but you are not of this world. You are a spiritual being having a human experience.

3.) Send love. 

We live in a vibration universe where energy is constantly being emitted from everything and everyone. The highest vibration frequency we can experience is love because it’s pure light energy that uplifts everything it touches.

When you send love into the world, you align yourself with that pure vibration and are able to heal yourself and your soul in the process.

4.) Accept love.

In today’s nit-picking world, it’s all too easy to wake up feeling unworthy, and believe love is reserved for a special few. As a result, letting love in can be a challenge for many people.

If this describes you, know this: You are worthy, you are loved more than you can imagine, and you are a powerful, spiritual being. To heal your soul, start by accepting love from yourself and others.

5.) Give thanks.

When practiced regularly, gratitude is proven to reduce anxiety, depression and other negative emotions while raising dopamine levels in your brain. What’s more—gratitude, like love, is a frequency your soul can understand.

Start each day by giving thanks for three things in your life. There’s no right or wrong way to do this, so long as you’re sincere about what you’re thankful for. Daily gratitude will help you uplift yourself and your life, which will allow you to attract more things to be thankful for.

The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind. Click To Tweet

As a spiritual being, joy is your birthright. Use these 5 suggestions to heal your soul, and live a joyful life!



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