7 Powerful Near-Death Experiences On What Happens After We Die

What happens when we die? If there ever was a “million-dollar question” this would be it. Death, much like life, is something that unites us all. However, unlike life, many of us fear death due to its finality. Without concrete answers to where we go or what happens to us, the unknown scares us.

Scientifically it’s not possible for us to prove or disprove the existence of an afterlife (at least not yet), but what about spiritually?

In the people you’ll hear from below, that answer is yes. They, like millions of others worldwide, have had near-death experiences (NDE’s) and came back to finish their work and tell us about their experience.

While all of these cases are unique, they also carry within them striking similarities — all of these people report leaving their physical body, being aware they were “dead”, traveling to another realm, and experiencing love and light so powerful and wonderful they came back having trouble finding the words to describe their experiences.

Here are 7 powerful near-death experiences on what happens after we die, and why we’re here, to begin with:

1.) She died in a biking accident:
2.) She predicted her death during childbirth, and lived to tell about it:
3.) She died in a white-water rafting accident:
4.) She died from blunt force trauma to the head:
5.) He died twice, and had two NDE’s:
6.) She died from an allergic reaction to medicine:
7.) He was shot and killed during the Vietnam War:

All of these near-death experiences report several important learnings and key takeaways for us all to become aware of:

  • God is real.
  • Jesus is real.
  • The soul is eternal.
  • We all have a unique purpose and gifts.
  • Our true home is full of light and love.

What do you think happens after we die? Leave your answer in the comments below!



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