Whose Dream Is It, Anyway? 5 Questions That Will Help You Unlock Your Soul’s Calling

Whose Dream Is It, Anyway? 5 Questions That Will Help You Unlock Your Soul's Calling
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“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

A few weeks ago I started to question my dreams.

Why did I have them?

Where did they come from?

And most importantly, how could I be sure they were truly mine?

After all, so much of what we think we want comes from the unconscious programming surrounding us on social media, TV, online advertisements, and society at large. And from an early age, our minds are taught to crave external validation and material gain versus going within, and discovering who and what we truly are.

All things considered, I too wondered, are my dreams a mere reflection of the desire to be validated and financially free? Or do they come from a deep-seated desire within my soul to live a purpose-filled life?

At first, I struggled to answer my own questions. And if I’m being honest, I’m still not 100% sure I have all of the answers (and not sure I ever will). But, going through this process of questioning shed some light on where I am now, why I’m here, where to go next, and most importantly, how to take the next step forward with passion, integrity, and authenticity.

And if you can relate, then this article is for you.

Here are 5 questions you need to ask yourself today to figure out your soul’s true calling: 

1.) Where did my dream come from?

All of us grow up by being influenced by others, and that influence directly shapes our perspectives, goals, and desires in life.

But, before we work towards accomplishing our dreams, we first need to be certain they reflect our true desires, and not someone else’s.

That’s why the #1 question you need to ask yourself to determine if your dreams are truly yours, or the reflection of someone else’s is, “Where did my dreams come from?

Trace your dreams back to their origin. And if it helps, create a “dream tree” connecting all of the events in your life that lead to your dreams. You may be surprised at what you find — especially if this question reveals your dreams don’t actually belong to you, instead they’re a reflection of what someone else wants (either for themselves or for you) and they’ve been unconsciously programmed into your mind as your own.

Whose Dream Is It, Anyway? 5 Questions That Will Help You Unlock Your Soul's Calling

2.) What value does my dream add to my life? 

Does your dream inspire you? Push you beyond your comfort zone? Allow you to serve your own unique gifts and talents? Make the “impossible” possible for you?

What value does your dream add to your life?

If your answer is “nothing” or “I don’t know” then revisit question #1 to determine if this dream is actually what you want, or what someone else wants for you.

3.) Does my dream serve my soul’s growth?

This question is SO important to ask yourself because although we’re incarnated into the physical body here and now, we all know this isn’t our permanent (or natural) state of being.

By asking yourself, “Does my dream serve my soul’s growth?” you can make sure you’re coming from a place of authenticity, rather than ego.

For example, if your dream is to make a million dollars because you want to live in a big house and make other people jealous, it’s safe to say that’s not your soul’s true calling, and while accomplishing it might feel good in the immediate term, it won’t add any long-term benefit to your journey.

4.) Does my dream make my soul dance?

Are you passionately in love with the pursuit of your dream, or does the thought of accomplishing it create dread and anxiety in your life?

Your soul’s true calling will be the thing that makes your soul dance with delight regardless of whatever obstacles you face as you pursue it. If this isn’t the case, then whatever you’re working on probably isn’t your authentic dream.

5.) Does my dream feel right for me?

Intuition is a powerful thing, but too many of us disregard ours in favor of being “practical”.

The reality is, our intuition is the internal compass given to us to help us navigate our life experience. Listen to yours, and ask yourself, “Does my dream feel right to me?”

When you ask yourself this question, you will experience a feeling of knowing, or an ah-ha moment if this is the right dream for you.

Whose Dream Is It, Anyway? 5 Questions That Will Help You Unlock Your Soul's Calling

Above all remember, your time here is finite so don’t waste it trying to pursue things that don’t matter or feel right to you. Use these questions as a guide to help you navigate your life and discover your soul’s true calling.



About Antasha Durbin: Antasha is a spiritual writer, life-long student of the universe, and psychic tarot card reader. Her website, cajspirituality.com, is dedicated to casualizing the spiritual experience and making it attainable for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Follow her for free, easy-to-digest and highly actionable advice on spirituality, mindfulness and empowered living.



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