Meditation Tips: 3 Game-Changing Meditation Tips for Beginners that Will Help You Rewire Your Mind

Meditation Tips: 3 Game-Changing Meditation Tips for Beginners that Will Help You Rewire Your Mind

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.” – Baba Ram Dass

Most of us are familiar with the benefits of meditation – from stress reduction to less anxiety and depression, and better immunity – meditation is truly a practice that’s good for the mind, body, and soul.

But how often do you start to meditate only to stop because your mind starts to wander thinking about all of the things you need to get done (and there are suddenly oh-so-many!)?

This used to happen to me EVERY stinkin’ time I’d meditate. The moment I’d close my eyes is the moment my mind would go bananas!

Suddenly, my to-do list was vying for my attention:

“Call mom”

“Pay credit card bill”

“Get groceries. Don’t forget strawberries. Yes, strawberries…I need to write that down. Okay focus. I’ll write strawberries later. Actually, I’ll make a whole grocery list. What else do I need? Eggs? Cereal? Is my credit card overdue? I can’t remember what date I was supposed to pay it. I’ll do that after this…”

Can you relate? If you’ve got a smirk on your face and you’re nodding your head in agreement then you’re so in the right spot. The meditation tips I’m going to share with you in this post are going to change your meditation game (for real).

So read this post carefully, because these meditation tips have the power to change your life if you let them. 

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Meditation tip 1: Meditate right before bed

Melatonin, a natural hormone in your pineal gland (aka spiritual center of your brain) increases at night. During the day, this gland is inactive, but around 9pm it “wakes up” to help make us sleepy.

As melatonin increases in our body, we feel less alert because our brain waves change from beta (active) to alpha (slow). This process creates an opening into the subconscious mind where reprogramming can occur because the analytical mind is at rest, thereby allowing the unconscious mind to accept new ideas, thoughts, and beliefs.

By meditating right before bed, you’ll start reprogramming your mind as it’s preparing for sleep and as your thoughts naturally slow down. This will allow you to fall asleep to a meditation session and your mind to soak in new thoughts, ideas, and affirmations as you do.

With continued practice, you’ll find yourself capable of breaking bad habits, unlearning limiting beliefs, and living a more mindful, fulfilling life.

Meditation Tips: 3 Game-Changing Meditation Tips for Beginners that Will Help You Rewire Your Mind

Meditation tip 2: Meditate first thing in the morning

Similar to nighttime, when you first wake up in the morning your brain is also producing alpha waves because you are in a drowsy state where you’re relaxed but not yet processing much information.

Rather than immediately bombarding your mind with social media updates, and emails that might stress you out, start your morning with a 10-minute meditation.

By meditating first thing in the morning, you’ll catch your brain before it exists the alpha state meaning meditating will be easy and relaxing because your brain won’t be actively overthinking yet. What’s more – it will set the tone for your entire day, and allow you to create a calm and relaxing environment to start your morning rather than a stressful one.

Master your mind by meditating for 10-minutes first thing in the morning before you do anything else!

Meditation tip 3: Use longer guided meditations for nighttime, and shorter guided meditations for daytime

When you’re preparing for sleep, select longer guided meditations such as this one. And when you’re preparing for your day, use shorter guided meditations, such as this one.

Here’s why: When you’re preparing for bed, you’re getting ready to sleep for an extended period of time. This means you have an abundance of time to program your thoughts as you’re sleeping and aren’t concerned with the time. In contrast, when you wake up in the morning, you may be pressed for time. Trying to squeeze in a 20 or 30+ minute meditation might do more harm than good because you’ll find yourself feeling stressed about the time and overthinking.

By using these 3 meditation tips, you’ll have an easier time getting into a routine meditation practice and without trying so hard to calm your mind. And the best part? You’ll start enjoying the many benefits of meditation instantly!

What do you struggle with the most when it comes to meditation? Leave your answer in the comments down below!



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