Happiness: What to do When You’re Feeling Discouraged

Happiness: What to do When You're Feeling Discouraged

“You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.” 

Do wake up feeling lost, misguided and uncertain of which way to go next? There’s so much you want to do, but you have no idea where to begin or what’s right for you. Your uncertainty leaves you feeling stuck and overwhelmed. 

I understand. I’ve felt that way MANY times, and I know how discouraging it can be.

Luckily, there are things you can do to unstuck yourself! Start with these 5 things:

1.) Pay attention to your feelings

Happiness: What to do When You're Feeling Discouraged

Something a lot of us do too often is we ignore how we’re feeling, and try to distract ourselves with people, events and being “busy”.

But, when we disregard ourselves, and our feelings, we end up even more lost, confused and overwhelmed than we were in the first place.

When something feels misaligned in your life, pay attention to it. Your emotional responses are how your soul is communicating with your physical self. Rather than ignoring your feelings, give them your time and attention so they can deliver you the message suck in translation.

Maybe it’s time to leave your job.

Maybe it’s time to get healthy.

Maybe it’s time to start that project you’ve been putting off. 

Try to figure out the source of your feelings. Where are they coming from? What messages are they trying to deliver to you? Ask these questions, and the answers will be given to you.

Once you know WHY you’re feeling the way you’re feeling, you can work to change it. 

2.) Believe in yourself 

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When we’re little, we’re taught that certain behaviors earn the approval of others (parents, teachers, peers etc.) and certain behaviors don’t.

This notion of approval becomes so ingrained into our subconscious mind that we seek the approval of others before we even seek it from ourselves.

The result?

We end up lost, confused, discouraged and overwhelmed — especially if we have a dream that someone we seek approval from thinks that dream isn’t possible.

Happiness: What to do When You're Feeling Discouraged

Fortunately, as adults, we’re offered a second chance to choose again — and this is your chance.

Today, you can start the process of unlearning some of the behaviors that are holding you back from believing in yourself and your dreams. If you’re ready to do this, say to yourself right now, “I believe in myself. I believe in my dreams. I know the only thing that can hold me back from achievement is my own belief, and nothing else.

3.) Start with one small change

letizia-bordoni-283388-unsplashHappiness: What to do When You're Feeling Discouraged

The choices we make on a daily basis often seem insignificant. We think to ourselves, “What harm will one cookie do?” or “This will be my last cigarette.

And then we feel bad when we can’t lose weight. Or can’t quit smoking. Or can’t accomplish our dreams. And we wonder why we feel so discouraged and misaligned.

But, we don’t recognize the importance of the things we do daily. It’s those small, daily decisions that create our life experiences.

Think about what you want your life to look like. Is where it’s at now a reflection of that? If not, what can you do today to start changing it? Write down 1 thing you can do today to improve your life now.

The choice not to eat the cookie.

The choice not to have the cigarette. 

The choice not to watch TV.

The choice not to spend the money. 

Small changes done consistently are what big achievements are made of. Never underestimate the power of the small choices you make in every moment…

4.) Practice Presence 

Happiness: What to do When You're Feeling Discouraged

Many of us spend so much time re-living the past, or imagining the future, that we totally forget about the present moment. But, this moment — right here, right now — is the only moment that truly exists.

And that’s why we must savor it, and live in it. No power exists outside of this moment.

This is the only time you can make changes, work through issues, and truly experience your life. When you’re too caught up in what was, or what you have to do next, or what will be, you miss out on your life.

Get present as much as you can, and as often as possible. Being present in your life will allow you to face your life head-on, and work through obstacles and feelings of discouragement.

5.) Recognize you’re not alone

Happiness: What to do When You're Feeling Discouraged

Sometimes life feels isolating, especially when we’re feeling discouraged, confused and unhappy. During these periods, we’re often disillusioned to believe there’s no one else in the world who can understand or relate to what we’re going through.

But, none of us are ever alone. Instead, we’re all always connected to each other and the universe as a whole. Remember this as you navigate this period in your life.

No matter what you’re going through — you are not alone. You are always being guided by Source energy and the Universe. Trust life, and trust your heart…it knows the way…

You don’t have to continue living life in discouragement or overwhelm. You can start changing your life today. Use these 5 suggestions, and empower yourself to feel better now!



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