5 Things to Quit Right Now If You Want to Be Happy

5 Things to Quit Right Now If You Want to Be Happy

“Happiness is not out there, it’s inside of you.” 

Happiness isn’t some esoteric or out-of-reach state of being — it’s a natural part of life that’s attainable for us all.

However, oftentimes we hold ourselves back from happiness because we believe happiness is contingent upon other people, circumstances and/or it’s something we have to find or earn.

Here’s the truth: happiness is inside of you, and you have the power to access it anytime you want. The question is, are you ready to be happy?

If you are, here start by quitting these 5 things that may be holding you back from happiness:

1.) Trying to Please Everyone

5 Things to Quit Right Now If You Want to Be Happy

During childhood, many of us grow up believing that in order to be accepted we have to appease everyone around us.

But, the problem with this is when we spend all of our time trying to please others, we end up neglecting our own needs and living life for everyone but ourselves!

The reality is, you can’t make everyone happy — and you know what? Who cares. It’s not your job to make everyone happy. Your job is to honor yourself first and foremost so you don’t end up feeling angry, resentful and invisible.

Not everyone is going to approve of how you live your life and that’s okay — this is YOUR life, not theirs. Live your life for yourself, and you’ll be amazed at how the universe opens doors where there were only walls!

2.) Fearing Change 

5 Things to Quit Right Now If You Want to Be Happy

Change is inevitable — it’s the most natural part of life, and it impacts us all!

But, if we spend our time fearing what could or will change, we’ll end up missing out on our lives.

Embrace change, even when it’s unexpected. Change always comes bearing gifts, lessons, and growth.

If you teach yourself to always find the blessings and lessons in change, you’ll lead an exciting and happy life.

3.) Living in the Past

5 Things to Quit Right Now If You Want to Be Happy

Many of us frequent the past on a daily basis. We think about all of the things we said, did and wish we could change. We spend time being angry at other people for what they said or did.

But, the past is gone — it doesn’t exist anymore. So why spend another second trying to re-live it?

There’s nothing from the past that can be changed now. This moment right here, right now, is the only moment that truly exists. And when we spend our time focused on the past, we lose our lives in the present.

Let go of the past. Don’t dwell on what you wish you could change. Use the past as a teacher, not a groundhog day to forever be relived.

Live for this moment. This is the moment that counts. 

4.) Putting Yourself Down

5 Things to Quit Right Now If You Want to Be Happy

We all make mistakes and have insecurities. But, if we obsess over our insecurities and mistakes we’ll never be happy with who and what we are.

None of us are perfect in our human form — and that’s okay because we’re not supposed to be! We’re here to learn, grow and experience life.

Be careful how you talk to yourself. If you habitually talk down to yourself, you’ll end up believing the things you say. And that’s a really dangerous path to travel down.

You are worthy and deserving of love, abundance, and goodness. You are enough as you are now, and you will never not be enough. Lift yourself up — you deserve it!

5.) Overthinking

5 Things to Quit Right Now If You Want to Be Happy

Overthinking sabotages relationships, experiences, and life. When we overthink, we end up creating a fictitious world that we believe is real — and we think ourselves into intense fear, sorrow, anger, and other negative emotions.

Rather than getting caught up in what could happen (which usually doesn’t), focus instead on letting life play out as it will. It’s impossible to predict everything that will happen in life, so why drive yourself crazy trying to think of every possible outcome?

Instead of overthinking your life — live it, experience it and let it be what it will be!

Things will always happen as they’re supposed to happen, just remember that the next time your mind starts to overthink.

By quitting these 5 toxic habits, you’ll live a much happier, healthier more present life! So what are you waiting for? Put them to practice today! 

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