30 Lessons I’ve Learned in 30 Years

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Life is a gift. It offers us the privilege, opportunity and responsibility to give something back by becoming MORE.” – Tony Robbins 

Today I’m celebrating my 30th year of life — a gift I am utterly grateful for. In honor of this new decade, I’d like to share my top 30 life lessons with you all, in the hopes that they might inspire and uplift you. I hope you will enjoy!

Here are my 30 big takeaways:

1.) The only person you’ll ever truly know is yourself — if you’re lucky.

2.) People treat you externally how you treat yourself internally. Negative self-talk manifests externally in your relationships, experiences and interactions with others. Be kind to yourself and kindness will come to you.

3.) Respect isn’t something you need to “earn”, it’s something you must command, give and expect. You aren’t here to earn the approval of others, so let go of the need to be validated by anything or anyone outside of yourself.

4.) Greatness isn’t the result of one lucky break — it’s the result of CONTINUOUS hard work, consistency and effort.

5.) Your parents didn’t ruin your life. Only you can do that. Let go of any anger, negativity or resentment associated with your childhood. Forgive and move forward — forgiveness will free you. 

6.) There’s no such thing as procrastination. Something is either a priority to you or it’s not.

7.) Spiritual awakening or enlightenment isn’t reserved for the privileged or “chosen“, it’s available to all of us, all of the time. And it’s up to us to seek it out.

8.) Hatred stems from a lack of self-love. When someone is misaligned with themselves (and thus love), hatred can breed freely.

9.) You’re the most powerful person in YOUR world. You can abuse your power, give it away or OWN it and use it as a resource to create personal greatness. The choice is always yours.

10.) You either control your emotions or they control you.

11.) Your brain is constantly changing, learning and adapting — so feed it with things that will IMPROVE you and your life experience.

12.) Everyone has a story. Do less talking and more listening. You’ll be amazed at what you’re able to learn from others.

13.) Music carries a vibration — listen to music than inspires and uplifts you. If it makes you feel angry, uncomfortable or upset turn it off because no matter what any “studies” to the contrary say, music does influence us and impact us on a deep energetic level.

14.) If someone is willing to give you their time — HONOR and appreciate it. It’s a nonrenewable resource, and you are BLESSED they’re giving it to you.

15.) ALWAYS listen to your gut instinct. This is your internal compass, given to you as a gift to guide you through this physical experience.

16.) Fresh ideas are like embryos, be careful who you share them with — they’re fragile and need love and nourishment to grow.

17.) A failure is only a failure if you didn’t learn anything.

18.) Everyone makes mistakes — and that’s okay. Let yours go, and move forward.

19.) In a world of ghostwriters, be a J.K. Rowling and write the story of YOUR life full of zest, creativity and imagination.

20.) The past doesn’t exist. The future doesn’t exist. Only this moment exists and when you TRULY embrace and understand this, you’ll never waste another second of YOUR life.

21.) You are a physical manifestation of all of the thoughts you think…the trouble is, most of us are unaware that it’s our thoughts that create our realities and attract situations and circumstances into our lives.

22.) There are two types of success: The kind defined by an outside source that you accept and conform to, or the kind that you define and empower yourself to achieve. Which will you choose?

23.) Everyone goes through hard times. Even in dark times know that you are not alone.

24.) You are loved. More than you could ever imagine. I promise you.

25.) You aren’t here to compete against others, life is NOT a rat race. Compete against yourself. Choose to be better today than you were yesterday.

26.) Say thank you everyday — if you’re alive you have SO much to be grateful for.

27.) Stop talking about your problems. Start thinking of solutions.

28.) Let go of envy and jealousy — nothing productive ever comes from these emotions. 

29.) If you aren’t all in then you’re wasting your time and everyone else’s.

30.) Birthdays are special and should ALWAYS be celebrated. What’s a better gift than one more day? One more year? One more chance? Nada. So celebrate your beautiful life!




*I want to give a special thanks to Philip Wesley who allowed me to use his beautiful piece of music, Unbridled Spirit (from his album Transcend), in my YouTube video! Check him and all of his incredible music out here: www.philipwesley.com 

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