Are You on The Right Track? A 101-Day Guided Journal from the Universe

Are You on The Right Track? A 101-Day Guided Journal from the Universe

With so many chances, why is it that so few of us truly awaken and live a purpose-filled life?

Don’t overthink this question—the answer is much simpler than many of us imagine.

The reason we haven’t unleashed the power within is because we have forgotten who and what we are. From the time we’re born, we’re trained to believe the world is a limited place, governed by rules we have to follow, and “facts” we must accept as true.

Slowly but surely, we’re groomed to believe that in order to be happy and “successful” we have to color inside the lines others have drawn for us. The trouble is, those who have drawn the lines for us have also forgotten their power. As it goes, we end up in a cycle—both as individuals and as a species.

We go to college, work jobs we hate, and fill our lives with “stuff.” But after each perceived achievement—no matter how many promotions we get, degrees we earn, or possessions we amass—we still feel empty. Deep within, we long for something else. Something more. Then, suddenly, we’re struck by an uncomfortable wave of deja vu. We panic with the realization that we aren’t meant to settle for mediocre, but we don’t know how to uncage ourselves.

So we begin the painstaking journey of personal rediscovery. We read spiritual texts. We meditate. We spend time in nature. We listen to motivational podcasts. We take different classes. This inundation of unstructured knowledge can overwhelm us every step of the way. We long for a simple, guided solution to help us rediscover the truth of who and what we are without all the guesswork.

Are You on the Right Track? A 101-day Guided Journal From the Universe is that simple, guided solution. It gently nudges us in the right direction by allowing us to uncover and get to the root of our limiting beliefs. Only then can we take back our power, heal, and ultimately live an authentic, purposeful life.

Are You on the Right Track? encourages you to release past programming and push past personal confinements so you can live an extraordinary, empowered life. It’s designed to help you face your biggest fears in a fearless way—because only then can you overcome them and realize you are capable of achieving anything you want.

Filled with vibrant watercolor illustrations, inspirational quotes, and daily letters from the Universe alongside accompanying journal prompts, Are You on the Right Track? helps us approach life one day at a time—with patience, and knowing each season will run its course. By fostering our sense of inner calm and complete trust in ourselves and the Universe, we can co-create without blockages or fear.

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