16 Signs Your Girlfriends Are Your Guardian Angels

“Friendship is… the sort of love one can imagine between angels.” – C.S. Lewis 

As we go through life, we’ll encounter many people. Some of those people will be nothing more than passersby, some of those people will become our friends for a period of time — helping us learn a lesson, loving us through a certain hardship, showing us how to face our fears or have fun, and a select few will remain with us throughout our physical experience, loving us endlessly, judging us never and engraining themselves into our hearts and souls. 

Those friends, the ones that stay with us through it all — they’re our guardian angels, sent to help guide us, teach us, inspire us and uplift us. 

Sound familiar? If it does your friends might be your guardian angels! Here are 16 signs they are: 

1.) They Have Unwavering Faith In You

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Through thick and thin, ups and downs, they always believe in you and your ability to overcome obstacles and make it through life triumphant. They never doubt you, or your ability to live life successfully (in whatever way you define success). 

2) They Always Have Your Back, Even When Others Don’t

When you need them they’re there. They don’t judge you, and they don’t allow others to judge you either. If they hear someone talking bad about you, they stand up for you.

3.) They’re Honest With You (Even When It’s Not Easy)

When you ask them for their thoughts or advice about something, they’re honest with you. They don’t try to sugarcoat things. They tell you the truth because they care about you and your success, and want to see you following your true path. 

4.) They Always Feel Like Home


No matter how far away they are, or how long it’s been since you’ve seen them, they always feel like home to you. You can pick up your friendship right where you left it off, and it’s as if nothing has changed.

5.) They Want You To Be Happy

They love seeing you smile and feeling good because your happiness makes them feel happy too.

6.) They Believe In Your Goals And Dreams And Push You To Achieve Them

When you talk about your goals and dreams in life they listen, and they ask you for updates and follow up with you on your progress. They encourage you to keep going after the things you want, even when it’s not easy, and they do everything and anything they can to support you along the way!

7.) They Don’t Let You Sulk In Misery

When you’re having a series of bad days, weeks or months they don’t let you sulk and feel sorry for yourself/be miserable. Instead, they help you rise, make you laugh and encourage you to shift your perspective and focus on the good, rather than the bad.

8.) They Listen When You Talk

When you’re talking, they take in every word. They don’t sit on the edge of their seats waiting for their turn to speak because they want to be heard. Instead, they absorb what you’re saying, and respond with compassion, kindness and empathy.

9.) They’re Patient And Understanding

Even when you’re at your worst, they don’t criticize or judge you. Instead, they’re patient and understanding. They support you, and ensure you that everyone has bad days and times in life, and that’s okay because “this too shall pass.”

10.) They Celebrate You Just Because 

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They don’t need a special celebration to tell you how amazing you are, or how proud they are of you, or how much they love you. They celebrate you at random, for no reason at all — just because they love you!

11.) They’re Quick To Forgive

Even when you have disagreements, they don’t hold grudges. Instead, they talk things through with you maturely and quickly, and let go of whatever issue was coming up. 

12.) They Never Make You Feel Bad About Your Past

They never bring up past mistakes you made and shame you. Instead, even if YOU bring up your past mistakes they assure you mistakes are part of life, and everyone makes them. 

13.) They’re Good to All of Their Friends

They don’t talk badly about any of their friends, and are always kind, loving and compassionate. 

14.) They Make You LOL 

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When you’re around them you always seem to be laughing. They just have a way to make you feel good no matter what!

15.) They’re Inclusive And Not Cliquey

When they’re doing something or going somewhere they know you’d enjoy, they always extend an invite. They don’t exclude you from group outings and events. 

16.) They’re Always Willing To Try New Things

They know growth is found outside of comfort zones, so they’ll always ready and willing to try new things with you. They enjoy having new experiences, and encourage you to do the same!

If you have a friend like this, share this article with them and tell them how much you love them today! 



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