Tarot Readings

A moments insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience.” -Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

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Here at CAJ Spirituality we know how hard it can be to feel connected when you’re unclear about the direction of your life, have lingering questions, are feeling confused or are just looking for a bit of guidance.

That’s why we’re offering personalized Psychic Tarot card readings. Tarot readings have been used for hundreds of years as a way to connect people with the divine universe and answer important questions about love, career, finances, lifestyle, relationships and more.

Each reading is done by using a question you submit, summoning your energy through universal connectedness and asking God to lead the reading through the highest vibrating source energy. 

Your reading will feature a five card spread with a detailed breakdown of what each card means and how it correlates with your question. You’ll also receive a photo of your spread via email so you can refer to it at any time. 



Ready to get your reading? Here’s how:

CAJ Spirituality Card Readings

Click the order button below, and then send your question to cajspirituality@gmail.com. In 48 hours your personalized reading and a picture of your five card spread will be delivered to your inbox.


Disclaimer: As a legal note, because psychic ability isn’t scientifically proven, the law states these readings are for entertainment purposes only and as such should not replace advice from doctors, lawyers etc. Sold as is. 



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