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Printable Vision Board Kit + Planner: $12.95

When it comes to bringing your dreams into fruition, you need to combine your vision with your actions. This print-ready vision board kit was designed to help you figure out your spiritual, familial, career, and lifestyle goals/visions. Then you’ll be prompted to create a weekly schedule, list out your goals, create a project planner and create your vision board.

This kit is full of everything that I couldn’t find on the market when I was making my vision board, which is why I decided to create it.

Designed with beautiful watercolors, customized quotes, and organized printables, you’ll feel inspired and motivated as you work through the various prompts and create your board!

When you purchase this digital journal, you’ll receive a 17-page high-quality PDF download including:

⭐️ 17-Page Vision Board Kit
⭐️ Vision Board Planner
⭐️ Project Planner
⭐️ Manifestation Sheet
⭐️ Daily Goals
⭐️ Inspirational Quotes
⭐️ Print-ready photos for your vision board

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Zen Coloring Book & Journal: $4.95

Channel your inner zen when you journal using this printable 30-page journal and adult coloring book. You’ll be delighted with every page, as each features a new, simplistic design you can color before or after you’re done journaling for the day.

Print-ready 30-page PDF that can be used again and again for journaling and gifting.

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Financial Abundance Planner: $4.95

Slay your financial goals this year with this printable 7-page bundle of financial spreadsheets and worksheets that will help you budget your money, set and reach financial goals, and shift your financial mindset.

When you purchase this digital bundle, you’ll receive a 7-page high-quality PDF download including:

⭐️Financial Freedom Planner
⭐️Monthly Budget Template
⭐️Weekly Budget Template
⭐️ Daily Budget Template
⭐️ Financial Freedom Goal Template
⭐️ Abundance Affirmations

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