“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” -Marcel Proust 

dawid-zawila-275831.jpg(📷: Dawid Zawiła)

I had my card reading with Antasha, and she took out her time to give me a detailed explanation of what each card signified. 

The issues and body pains which I have never spoken to anyone about was brought up. Every single thing that was revealed to me was relatable and true. She also offered practical solutions and gave me advice on what to do moving further. 

It was just one question, but that one question revealed a lot of things about my life that I was scared of admitting. I’m still in awe about everything she revealed to me.

-Michelle Emrys, Blogger and Social Media Manager at weirdhacks.com 

Antasha provided me with such an in-depth reading, she was super spot on about my path and what I was put here to do. I resonated deeply with what she said and it made me admit to myself some things that I had been denying, but I knew I had to accept. She went into great detail to describe to me what each card meant and how that addressed and answered my questions. I highly recommend her work.” 

-Athina Bailey, Online Business Coach at athinabailey.com 

Antasha gave me a very detailed reading about my life and business and what she touched on was very relevant. She knew I was in an expansive state. She also knew that my root chakra is something I need to take care of which is dead on. I will take advice from her reading and manifest my desires and let it come to fruition!

-Leah Canseco-Decker, Success Coach at leahcanseco.com

Antasha is not only talented but also accurate. She delivers in the promised time… You will receive a picture of your cards and she takes the time to explain each card and the meaning of them while explaining the whole message. Did I mention she is accurate? What she said was clear… Not vague and generalities, she described situations and experiences with the accuracy only gifted people can. If you need some guidance or just have some curiosity, CAJ Spirituality is a good starting point.”

-Art Vila, Studio Artist at http://www.artvila.com 

In her reading, Antasha gave me the guidance I sought. That is not to say she told me what I wanted to hear. In fact, her presentation of the cards offered a stark insight into my current perception of reality, and what steps I need to take to improve my footing.

She was thorough, insightful, and, above all, supportive in her approach. I am better for it, and would suggest her services to anyone in need of counsel.”
-Daniel Grimaldi, Software Sales Specialist at touchbistro.com 
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